Discover What Sports Physiotherapy is and its Benefits

Physiotherapy has different branches—orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular, among others. Within each one of them, sports physiotherapy stands out, which is designed for athletes who suffer from trauma or injuries.
Discover What Sports Physiotherapy is and its Benefits

Last update: 10 November, 2019

Physiotherapy comes from the Greek physis which means nature, and therapéia which means treatment. That way, sports physiotherapy is defined as a non-pharmacological treatment to cure and prevent injuries, pains, and all kinds of pathologies that have to do with body kinetics. 

Sportspeople, dancers, and athletes require a different treatment than sedentary people do. The needs of their bodies must adapt to the discipline they practice. This is how sports physiotherapy was developed. The physiotherapist must know the anatomy and physiology based on the sport that the patient practices in order to guarantee a proper diagnosis.


This type of physiotherapy is rich in different types of treatments that are specially designed for athletes. It isn’t important if the athlete was injured doing physical activity or not, what matters is to cure it so that the person can continue doing the exercise without any problems.

Different types of treatments are specially designed for athletes.

Among the treatments, the application of ice or heat, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, ultrasound, massage, and laser therapy are notable. It’s extremely important for athletes to comply with all the treatment sessions that the physiotherapist assigns in order to guarantee its effectiveness.


Athletes must take good care of their bodies, especially given the fact that they constantly subject it to positions to which the body isn’t accustomed to. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain good physical health and prevent any type of injury, trauma, or fractures.

For optimal body care, experts recommend that athletes attend sports physiotherapy sessions when they feel that their body needs it. Ignoring ailments can cause an injury in the long run. In addition, taking sports physiotherapy treatments brings great benefits to an athlete’s body. We’ll now show you what these are:

Accelerates healing time

When performing exercises that require extreme muscular demand, our muscles suffer certain micro tears that the body has to repair while resting. Some athletes don’t rest as much as their muscles require, therefore the muscle (apart from not increasing its size) doesn’t recover completely.

This is why sports physiotherapy is a great benefit. The therapies strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons, among other areas. They help the muscle restoration process, thus accelerating the healing time.

The therapies strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Reduces pain

There are pains that can be treated without having to stop your training. There are also other types ailments for which rest is necessary. Whatever the case may be, when pathology is painful, it becomes a nuisance for daily life. Fortunately, sports physiotherapy can greatly benefit your body by reducing pain quickly. All this is thanks to its treatments, such as massages, electrotherapy, and stretching, among others.

The body recovers the right way

Athletes must constantly use different types of devices to avoid injuries, such as knee pads, muscle relaxers, bandages, and others. When an injury occurs, it’s important not to self-medicate. This could actually make the situation worse. The correct thing to do is to consult a professional.

With the help of a sports physiotherapist, you’ll have the correct diagnosis and treatment. This allows you to see improvements in a short amount of time. Occasionally, scar tissue tends to disturb and hinder the performance of an athlete. Sports physiotherapy assists the body to ensure proper recovery of scar tissue.

Prevents future aches

Physiotherapeutic treatments usually strengthen muscles. This makes them less likely to suffer an injury or ailment. Also, the therapies work in a way that the muscle adapts to the sport that the person practices. Consequently, it helps to prevent future issues.

Physiotherapeutic treatments usually strengthen muscles.

Beyond home remedies or exercises that other people recommend, it’s important that you turn to a professional. The slightest mistake in taking care of yourself could affect your entire performance in a sport. Sports physiotherapy is studied and designed with effective and beneficial tools for athletes.

Don’t ignore pain, swollen muscles, or any type of sign that isn’t normal in your body. Be careful while doing movements, both in sports and outside of physical activity. If possible, consult with a sports physiotherapist from time to time to receive treatment and make sure that everything is fine. Take advantage of sports physiotherapy, your body will appreciate it!

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