Things You Must Do To Live Better

Using emotional intelligence is a key factor to living better. Learn not to focus on problems and negative situations, and instead, look for the positive aspects in your day to day life.
Things You Must Do To Live Better

Last update: 12 October, 2018

Living better and making changes in your life, depends on you only. There are no specific rules to be happy and live better. However, here, we will discuss different ways of looking at life, and the factors that can influence a positive lifestyle.

Value what is really important to live better

Sometimes we believe that owning a big house or a high-end car will bring us more happiness. To achieve this, you must work even harder and invest your life in your work, to earn the money that you want. Ask yourself what you really value. Is money worth so much effort, or is being surrounded by people who love you more important? 

Avoid toxic relationships

Whether we talk about relationships in love, family or work…don’t let the people who should be supporting you, demand more than necessary from you or coerce you. Decide who is worth having in your life, and don’t let anyone hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Be positive

Positive people will always have a happier life than negative people. Positive people make you smile, have a good sense of humor and posses an upbeat attitude.

Live better: woman stretching.

Learn to manage your emotions

It’s not good for sadness, anger or rage to remain unresolved. Try to overcome negative times as quickly as possible, and become stronger after each failure. Learn from your mistakes and keep calm in difficult situations.

Have a goal every day

Choose a daily goal that you can reach, knowing your limitations and within reason. Either go for a walk every day and enjoy the fresh air, or save to buy something that will make you happy. Waking up filled with hope and enthusiasm will undoubtedly help you to live better.

Love your loved ones and let them love you

Don’t forget to tell your partner every day that you love them, hug your nephew, or show affection to your family and friends for always being there. If you give love, you’ll receive it back, and this will make you feel great.

Learn something new every day

Your brain is always ready to receive new sensations and extra knowledge. Read more, sign up for courses and show an interest in a variety of new activities. When you reach old age, you will appreciate having an agile brain.

Live better: woman waking up early.

Take care of your diet and you will feel better

Try to cook for yourself and make healthy dishes that you enjoy. Eat fruits and vegetables often, and avoid fast foods. Processed and fast foods are bad for your health, avoid these if you want to feel good.

Love yourself

Don’t confuse loving yourself with selfishness. Loving yourself is necessary because if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you? Look in the mirror every morning and say out loud how beautiful you are, and how good you feel. Although it sounds peculiar, this really works and will help you to face the day in a great mood.

Face your fears

Having fears prevents us from enjoying things. Don’t look the other way or avoid these feelings. Instead, try to figure out how to solve them, as this will help you to feel better in any situation.

Never lose hope

Surely you’ve often heard that hope is the last thing that is ever lost? In fact, hope is what we should always aim for in life. Having hope will make you keep the faith and give you a positive outlook.

Give to others what you would like to receive

We all like to be treated well, but sometimes we forget that we should do the same. If you respect others, you’ll be respected too, and if you give help, others will help you in return. Don’t forget, everything you give, is always returned. Treat others as you want to be treated.


Sign up to volunteer in countries that need your help. Adopt an abandoned animal that is lacking in affection to give it the love it needs. Collaborate to help those around you, if they need it. Volunteer your time to anyone in need. This will make you feel appreciated and create a better, more positive atmosphere and outlook.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.