Exercise and Nutrition Tips to Push you Through Grief

Losing a loved one isn't easy but most people will face it at some point in their lives. In our post today, we want to share some exercise and nutrition tips to help you pull through.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips to Push you Through Grief

Last update: 29 July, 2019

Grief is a process that almost all of us will have to go through at some point in our lives. After losing a loved one, it’s normal to feel tired, drained and overwhelmed by sadness. We have some useful exercise and nutrition tips to help lighten the load.

The intensity and duration of grief will depend on a lot of factors. Some of them include the relationship you had, the cause of death and your own way of confronting such situations.

Missing those who aren’t here with us anymore is inevitable. But after time, we move on to build our life despite their absence. During that period, exercise and nutrition play key roles in lightening the burden of grief.

Four exercise and nutrition tips to handle grief

1. Set a time to go out for a walk

The worst thing you can do while grieving is to trap yourself at home. While it’s normal to not want to leave the house and talk with people, you should make the effort to do so. Light exercise will do you good, both physically and mentally.

We recommend walking with someone else. With a buddy, you can exercise while chatting and it can serve as a good distraction. On a different note, when you exercise, your body releases serotonin, which is a substance that can positively influence your mood. Thanks to serotonin, you feel calmer after physical activity and will also sleep better at night.

2. Overcome grief: participate in team sports

One of the best decisions you can make during grief is to join a team sport. But normally, people who are grieving prefer solitary options such as running, going to a gym or swimming.

However, during grief, social contact is important. It’s a good time to meet new people, create new relationships and above all, distract yourself for a few hours. Additionally, group sports means no excuses for skipping workout sessions or classes.

grief group sports

Knowing that people are counting on you will give you more motivation while occupying your thoughts more. On top of that, most group sports naturally end up with a casual get-together or weekend plans.

Practices will help you disconnect without realizing it, create new relationships and enjoy the company. The combination of exercise and social contact is perfect for helping you overcome grief.

Are you interested in any team sports? What sports were you good at when you were younger? Do your friends play sports? Now might be the moment to change into your gym clothes and get moving to free your body and mind.

3. The importance of a healthy diet while coping with grief

A lack of energy is a common symptom of grief. It’s normal to not want to do anything, stay at home and simply sit there. Similarly, a loss of appetite is another common trait along with not wanting to go to the supermarket and cooking.

This can all lead to a dangerous cycle. A nutrition deficiency can compound your fatigue. And as a consequence, you’re left feeling lifeless and even more discouraged.

In light of that, sticking to a healthy diet is crucial in the process of grief. Remember to have five meals a day, taking in all kinds of nutrients and staying hydrated. You might not believe it, but a healthy diet is one of the best cures out there and can prevent many diseases and conditions.

grief diet

4. Calming teas

Teas are a great natural remedy for handling grief. They have a direct impact on mood and help you calm down. Some of the best options include St. John’s wort, thyme, and chamomile.

When you’re feeling especially nervous, unsettled or depressed, teas can be a natural way to calm yourself down. Just remember that if you drink them regularly, try using a sweetener instead of sugar.

To wrap up, we all know that emotional hurts take time to heal and there’s no way of telling how long they might take. But exercise and nutrition play key roles in helping you push through  grief as best you can.

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