The Benefits of ASMR: What is Brain Tingling?

Those of you who are active on social networks may have seen a video or heard a sound clip about this pleasant technique? The benefits of ASMR include tingling in the brain that causes a very relaxing sensation.
The Benefits of ASMR: What is Brain Tingling?

Last update: 03 April, 2020

This pleasant sensation, activated by an external process, is very trendy and popular at the moment. In addition, some even consider it a form of psychological therapy through virtual methods. Many people experience feelings of pleasure, along with other benefits of ASMR such as improved mood and emotional state.

What is ASMR brain tingling?

This relaxation method is called an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) or brain orgasm. Many people who receive this practice experience a sensory or tingling sensation in the scalp, followed by an orgasm-like feeling of relaxation and well-being, although not as powerful.

This sensation is normally produced by a visual, auditory or tactile stimulus. In this way, there’s a process of disconnection with reality and the person focuses on the sensations caused by that stimulus.

Popular practices include whispering, soft speaking, tapping, scratching, slow and expert hand movements, and close personal attention. Next, we’ll discuss what benefits ASMR brain tingling can bring about.

What are the physiological aspects and benefits of ASMR?

There’s still much to research regarding the practice of sensory stimulation through electronic means. However, thanks to recent scientific advances, some positive aspects, and benefits of ASMR are already known.

First of all, it’s important to note that each person experiences ASMR differently. Additionally, some people don’t even feel that state of pleasure. Likewise, the sound of a soft whisper may seem pleasant and relaxing, but for others, it can cause discomfort.

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Despite all of this, it’s clear that ASMR works in some way since there are so many video views and positive reactions.

Some of the benefits of ASMR are:

Reduces stress

The peaceful environment of ASMR allows the user to put aside other stressful stimuli. In this way, the person focuses on those relaxing sensations.

Brain tingling benefits of ASMR seeks to stimulate the senses to achieve relaxation.

Imagine your partner tickles you. This sensory stimulation will prevent you from focusing on everything that surrounds you and may help you to feel calmer.

One of the main benefits of ASMR is that it helps bring you this calm environment. The idea is to help control levels of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that are activated by stressors.

Benefits of ASMR: meditation-like relaxation

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s likely that you’ll also suffer from muscle tension. On the other hand, when you enter a microcosm of harmony with a soft voice that whispers to you, pleasant sounds and pleasant melodies, your body gradually falls asleep.

This state of calm is similar to the one achieved through well-known meditation techniques, but instead of a spiritual connotation, ASMR is based on science and psychology.

Helps to reduce heart rate

The connection between ASMR and physiological subsystems is totally clear. With the help of a relaxing external stimulus, you can decrease your levels of physical and psychological tension. Therefore, your heart rate slows and your body can function more efficiently.

Improves mood

Just as when you listen to a melody that you love, receiving ASMR brain tingling improves our emotional state. It’s important to reiterate the personal aspect of this method: it’s fundamental to choose the right sounds for each user.

Positive emotions lead to an improvement in certain brain processes, such as memory or attention to an external task. That’s why after meditation therapy you may approach activities in a more serene and task-centered way. ASMR brain tingling could be a legitimate way to achieve these goals.

Multiply sleep quality

Millions of users use ASMR as a pre-sleep activity, an escape from the stressful processes of reality. Simply by fixating on something such as ASMR stimuli, they manage to momentarily eliminate overwhelming thoughts. By entering a more relaxed state and forgetting about your stressors, you’re more likely to fall asleep.

Brain tinging is associated with sex

Most of the people who make ASMR videos have warm and pleasant voices. In addition, video creators know their ASMR stimuli very well and choose calm sounds accompanied by a friendly and pleasurable atmosphere.

Tips to de-stress benefits of ASMR

ASMR stimuli have some association with the affection and acceptance people experience prior to a sexual act with someone who attracts them. Of course, sexual acts themselves normally entail feelings of acceptance.

There’s much to learn about the benefits of ASMR

There are several studies on this subject and several professionals even endorse it as a useful relaxation technique. However, other studies don’t have the same findings. What’s indicative of the success of ASMR is extreme public appreciation. The proof is in the number of followers that ASMR YouTubers have.

The main key to finding the right YouTuber for each person depends on the type of content and stimuli the creator uses. What causes discomfort to some may generate pleasure or relaxation in others. Choosing a creator or stimulus is a matter of taste and what your brain reacts to.

Each person has different brain chemistry and personality: everyone’s psyche is unique and different, so everyone will have different tastes in ASMR.

The next time you feel agitated, try some of these videos and experience how you feel with different types of stimuli.

You won’t regret it once you notice the benefits of ASMR. The brain is an incredible organ and there’s still a lot to learn about it! Get to know yourself and what techniques relax you through these unique experiences!

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