Audience Attendance in the ACB vs NBA

It's not easy to spot the deficiencies in the ACB organization that negatively influence the audience attendance to the games. At lot of the times it's not a money issue, it's just a lack of wanting to do things the right way.
Audience Attendance in the ACB vs NBA

Last update: 04 April, 2019

It seems very clear that, for now, we can’t compare the audience in NBA with the ACB (the Spanish Basketball league, also known as Liga Endesa). One of the main reasons is the economic difference between both associations, which we can see reflected in the games’ ratings and attendance.

This economic factor deeply influences the audience in ACB versus the NBA. Both television and the live events at the stadiums.

One thing is evident, the Liga Endesa has, generally, a hard time filling the stadiums. Maybe one reason is the lack of big basketball stars, something we don’t find in the NBA.

The audience in ACB versus NBA: comparisons

The little details are the ones that widen the gap between the ACB and NBA, both considered to be the best national basketball leagues in the world. This is something that needs to be improved.

NBA vs ACB audience

Tickets to go and watch an ACB game are extremely expensive especially when you consider the show they offer. If they want to attract a larger audience, they need to offer more than just watching the basketball game.

They need to make the people watching the game at home feel as if they’re missing out by not attending the game at the stadium.

People need to be persuaded to go to the games and one way of doing this is with the teams’ presentations. Every single one of the teams of the ACB should be giving a good pre-game show. However, only a few do so – Bilbao, Malaga, and Obradoiro – put on a good performance before the game starts.

ACB basketball league, ACB audience

Is this related to the team’s budget? Evidently, not. It’s to do with their willingness to do things right and give the league an image of seriousness and competitivity.

“The presentations from the Spanish league team are very weak; with no minimum effort to put on a good show, lights, or emotional videos to catch the audience’s interest.”

This puts the NBA ahead of the Spanish league.

The world’s biggest show

For example, during the presentations of teams such as the Chicago Bulls, there is a spectacular video playing in the background, they turn off the lights and then the players come out to the court, one by one, illuminated by a spotlight.

Meanwhile, the cheerleaders are also doing their job and the team’s mascot is running around the court waving the team’s flag.

The audience in ACB versus NBA may be impacted by the NBA’s huge budget, compared to the ACB.  Logistics doesn’t seem to be the problem either. We’ve already witnessed that the Palacio de los Deportes can provide the necessary infrastructure to hold a big event. In 2014 it was the venue for the Spanish Basketball World Cup.

We mentioned specifically the Chicago Bulls, but all the NBA teams put on amazing pre-game shows. In 1997, the Chicago Bulls had already started doing these pre-game performances. They put on shows that are so much better than 90 percent of the ACB teams’.

basketball league NBA audience

The audience in ACB versus NBA and the importance of broadcasting

Besides everything we have mentioned before, the most important factor is broadcasting every presentation on television. This way, people will appreciate the importance of this league and will look forward to going to the games and enjoying the shows live.

Because in Spain, there’s maybe 10 minutes of the pre-game show. During the presentations, they usually go to an advertising break and show publicity and then return to the game just a few seconds before the first jump. Sometimes they return after the game has already started.

When we consider the audience in ACB versus NBA, both leagues are light years apart from each other. The NBA has such a bigger budget, and in Spain, they are more focussed on soccer.

They need to sell the product to the audience and add value and importance to the league.

They could follow the example of the Copa del Rey, which is highly successful. The NBA has tried for years to follow with La Liga’s success, without making it yet.

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