The 6 Best MotoGP Circuits in the World

MotoGP circuits are amazing, there's no doubt about that. However, there are some circuits that stand out due to their history, difficulty and curves.
The 6 Best MotoGP Circuits in the World

Last update: 25 September, 2019

Motorcycle racing is a fascinating sport, that’s for sure. Read along to find out more about the best MotoGP circuits in the world. Look out for them during the next championships.

The best MotoGP circuits

When making these type of rankings, it’s difficult to be 100 percent objective. At the end of the day, it’s based on personal tastes. However, when a lot of people coincide, we can safely say the tracks deserve their distinctions.

The following are the best MotoGP circuits around the globe where adrenaline and speed are the protagonists:


First of all, we couldn’t start this list of the best MotoGP circuits without talking about the oldest and most fabulous GP circuit. Located in the Netherlands and founded in 1955, fans of this sport consider Assen to be ‘the holy grail’ of MotoGP World Championships.

The track used to be 7,705 meters long however, currently, it’s only 4,750 meters. According to experts,  Assen is a very technical track, as a result, it has very little margin for error.

MotoGp Circuits


From the oldest circuit, let’s move on to the most modern and technological circuit. Founded in 2005, the Losail circuit is located near the city of Doha, in Qatar. It’s also used for superbikes, motocross and motor racing.

Losail is 5,380 meters long, it has 16 curves, 10 right curves, and 6 left curves. The track has a maximum width of 12 meters. The last MotoGP champion of this circuit was the Italian, Andrea Dovizioso and he was preceded by Spaniards Maverick Vinales and Jorge Lorenzo.



Italy has a lot of history when it comes to motorsports and this includes MotoGP. The Mugello International Speedway is located in Florence Italy. It was created in 1974 and it has a total length of 5,245 meters and 15 curves.

Due to the history of the track, many championships are held there. These include the Motorcycle World Championship, the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the European Formula Two, the International Formula 3000 and the Superbike World Championship.

Italian Gp Circuit


The Brno racetrack is one of the best MotoGP circuits in the world. It’s located in the Czech city, Brno. The track is 5,403 meters long. The fastest lap ever recorded on the track was by Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo. In 2012 he completed the track in just 1:55.799.

The Brno circuit was created in 1987 and many renowned championships have been held there including the Euroseries Formula Four, the World Superbike Championship, the FIA GT Championship and, of course, the World Motorcycling Championship. Therefore it makes the list of of the best MotoGP circuits.

Brno circuit

Phillip Island, one of the most well-known MotoGP circuits

Who says MotoGP circuits cannot be surrounded by dreamlike landscapes? Phillip Island is a clear example of the incredible combination of MotoGP and beautiful landscapes.

The track is located on Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia. Although it had been used for motorcycle racing in the 20s and 30s, MotoGP came to the island in 1989. The Phillip Island circuit is 4,445 long.


Located in Germany, this track has a very peculiar shape and as a result, it’s one of the best MotoGP circuits in the world. The circuit can be divided in two: a 1,700 meter triangle, a 2,100 meter omega or the complete 3,760 Sachsenring track.

Daniel Pedrosa (another Spaniard) completed the fastest lap. He completed the track in 1:22.815 in 2006 riding his Honda motorcycle.

German circuit

Other MotoGP circuits

Are there other MotoGP circuits? Of course! Other famous circuits include the Twin Ring Motegi- Japan, Circuit of the Americas- United States, Sepang International Circuit- Malaysia, Silverstone- Great Britain, Misano- San Marino, Red Bull ring- Austria, Chang International- Thailand, Rio Hondo- Argentina, Jerez, Aragon, Montmelo and Ricardo Tomo- Spain.

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