The Best Motogp Teams

15th November 2019
Let’s go over the teams participating in the premier class of the motorcycle road racing events. We'll compare the best teams competing in the MotoGP and their options for the future, investments and choosing the best drivers.

This motorcycle competition has been known as the MotoGP (Grand Prix) since the 2002 season. In its 15 seasons so far, there have been many teams that have participated in this competition. But, only a few deserve to be listed among the MotoGP best teams.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the trajectory of those that are considered the two MotoGP best teams. Next, we’ll remember their best races, seasons, and of course, their best drivers.

Honda, one of the MotoGP best teams

It’s impossible to talk about the MotoGP best teams without mentioning Honda. This team has a long record in this competition, holding the victories record in this category. Every year they fight for the title and they always have the top performing drivers. Honda’s headquarters are located in the city of Aalst, Belgium. They’ve been competing in the MotoGP since the 1994 season, making them a true icon of this competition.

motogp best teams, honda

Best season

It’s hard to choose the best season because Honda has had such a long career in this racing event. However, we’ve highlighted the 2014 season when Marc Marquez won the first ten races of the event. If we take into consideration that during that year the event had 18 races, that means that Marquez won, consecutively, more than half of the races. Obviously, around mid-season Honda had already secured the championship.

Best drivers that make up the MotoGP best teams

Honda has had many drivers in their team, some ended up being a total fiasco. On the other hand, drivers such as Marquez, Rossi or Stoner have marked a whole era. Marquez is still having a long and fruitful relationship with the brand and it’s expected he’ll remain in the team. However, Rossi and Stoner left the team (when they were at their peak) looking for new paths.

Best motorcycle

The Honda RCV213V is the motorcycle that the team competed with during the 2012 season. This motorcycle worked as the starting point to design and develop the following models. We can say that this motorcycle was the seed of the latest success of the Japanese brand.

Yamaha one of the MotoGP best teams

Yamaha Motor Racing, also known as Yamaha, debuted in the 1999 Grand Prix. Since then, it’s been one of the most awarded teams, with a total of seven world championships. Despite being a Japanese brand, their headquarters are in the Italian region of Lesmo. The brand’s main sponsor is Movistar, that’s the reason behind their characteristic blue color.

motogp best teams, yamaha

Best season

It’s also difficult to pick just one since Yamaha dominated most seasons until a few years ago. Nevertheless, we’ve chosen the 2008 season, in which Valentino Rossi proclaimed himself as World Champion. The Italian driver won nine of the seventeen races. Also, that season Yamaha was facing a new challenge, since it was their first time racing with Bridgestone tires.

Best drivers that make up the MotoGP best teams

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo are the most awarded drivers of the brand. Rossi has won four world championships since he joined the brand in 2004 (except the 2011 and 2012 seasons in which he competed as part of the Ducati team). On the other hand, Jorge Lorenzo has been the champion three times, in 2010, 2012 and 2015 seasons. Last season was the final one for the Spanish driver with the Yamaha team. He’s currently signed with Ducati.

Best motorcycle

Without a doubt, it’s the YZR-M1. During the 2005 season, Rossi decided to leave Honda after becoming the World Champion and signing with Yamaha. The team was going through a rough patch and their motorcycles had a decade of under-performing. Then, the YZR-M1 took the team back to the top and Valentino Rossi was World Champion four times with this motorcycle.