The Best Motorcycle Races of Marc Márquez

This young Spanish rider has consolidated his spot in the premier class of motorcycle racing. Lets analyze the performance of this young, but massive, champion.
The Best Motorcycle Races of Marc Márquez

Last update: 15 November, 2019

Marc Márquez has a brilliant career packed full of successes. At only 24 years of age, he’s accomplished seven (worldwide) motorcycle Grand Prix championships and a lot of victories. Today we’re going to remember the best ones; those that made us jump off from the sofa! The ones that made this young man a legend and one of the best MotoGP riders.

The most notable races of Marc Márquez

The 2010 Portuguese motorcycle Grand Prix

Estoril circuit. October 31st. We might say that this was the moment when the Marc Márquez legend started. Since that day he performed an epic feat that very few riders would be able to do.

At only 17 years, Marc Márquez fought to win the worldwide Moto Grand Prix championship against Nico Terol. The Portuguese Grand Prix was the penultimate round of the racing season, so there was no place for mistakes.

Marc Márquez on the 2010 Portuguese Grand Prix

In the warm-up race, the circuit was wet, so the riders had to be especially careful. Márquez, who later admitted it was a rookie mistake, fell to the ground after driving too fast. This made him start again from the last position in the grid.

Although he started from the sixteenth position, Márquez won following one of the most epic recoveries we can remember in the world history of motorcycle racing. Even though he was still a teenager, Márquez became a promising name in racing. He demonstrated that he was one of the most talented riders on the grid.

The 2014 Spanish Grand Prix

Marc Márquez arrived on the Montmeló circuit as the most likely rider to win, since he had won his last three races. Finally, Márquez did manage to win, even though Rossi and Pedrosa didn’t make it easy for him. In one of the most disputed races that we can remember, Márquez, Rossi and Pedrosa were switching the leadership. In the lasts turns, ‘II Dottore” was disqualified and the race became a battle between the Honda riders.

Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’ll leave a link to the race here. We’re sure you’ll relive all of the excitement that everyone felt during this race.

The 2015 Australian Grand Prix

During the 2015 season, the Yamaha riders were dominating, added to this was the fact that Lorenzo and Rossi were in a great spot. But, although it was a rough year for Márquez, he gave us one of the best victories in his entire career. The Australian Grand Prix was the penultimate round of the championship, and nobody was going to make it easier for the Yamaha riders.

The race was a passionate competition between four ridersLorenzo, Rossi, Iannone and Márquez. After considerable passing and changing of positions, Márquez won and achieved the third position in the championship. This move took him to the highest place on the podium, passing Lorenzo on the Lucky Heights slope.

Marc Márquez during a race

The 2017 Japanese Grand Prix

The 2017 season was amazing for Marc Marquéz. The Japanese Grand Prix wasn’t one of them, but it does show that a good race doesn’t always end in victory. In a brutal competition under a heavy downpour, Dovizioso and Márquez went to battle, giving everything of themselves. Taking risks at every curve and without giving up, the victory wasn’t decisive until the last turn. Finally, Dovizioso passed Marc.

Far from being disappointed by not winning, Márquez went immediately to hug Dovizioso. Both of them, laughing, congratulated each other for the amazing race they had just participated in.

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