Extreme Sports for Max Adrenaline

Have you ever thought about trying an extreme sport? While they might not be for everyone, any one of them will open your mind in a way you never knew before.
Extreme Sports for Max Adrenaline

Last update: 28 July, 2019

Extreme sports can awaken new experiences and sensations while giving you awesome stories to tell. Learn about the ones that’ll flip your world upside down!

Extreme sports are leisure or professional activities that put your physical health at risk. As a result, extreme sports are often pushed aside only for the bravest souls.

Top extreme sports

Life is for your enjoyment; take some risks and discover sensations that wake up your senses and help you be a better person. Extreme sports can change the way you see life, showing you how to live without fear.

Additionally, they can also give you a newfound self-confidence and help you trust others as well. Extreme sports can also take you to new places, help you learn new things that you don’t see every day. If you want to take your wild side for a spin, it’s time to give these sports a try:

Extreme sports: bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a high-risk sport that’s pretty tempting for those who love heights and feeling free.

Participants jump from a high area, attached to a bungee cord by their core or ankles. The other end of the cord is, of course, attached to the starting area. Bungee jumping is a completely individual sport. You won’t have an instructor jumping with you.

This sport doesn’t only call for guts to jump from high grounds, but it also requires a rope that has enough spring to break your fall, bringing you back up and down again until you’ve come to a complete halt.

extreme sports bungee jumping
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Motocross consists of racing on a dirt bike over difficult terrains, such as streams, and uneven roads full of stones and mud. Before starting out, make sure you cover the requirements, such as clothing, wheels and handlebars regulations.

Motocross is a popular sport that needs plenty of attitude. People who dare to try it should be gutsy and love speed. Additionally, motocross circuits are pretty rough, competitors have to be able to handle the bumpy ride.

Kayaking: extreme sports

If you love nature and having a good time, kayaking is the sport for you. Kayaking is a sort of canoeing. You can kayak by yourself, as a pair or even in a crew of four. There are various approaches to kayaking: sea competitions, long-distance, slalom, rough waters, polo, surf, and freestyle.

Just pick the style that best suits you, be it the challenges of rough waters or violent waves in the surf.

Get ready to row and get up close and personal to the aquatic world.

extreme sports kayak


You don’t need any kind of special equipment for parkour. This sport develops mobility while giving you the freedom to express yourself through movement.

You can get started in urban areas, or in any setting. People who practice parkour make their personal limits and goals. The adventurous part begins when you have to jump and maneuver your body over and around risky areas, which are usually buildings, bars, stairs and more.

extreme sports parkour

Extreme sports: highline

As a kid, you went to the circus before, right? Remember when someone walked across the highrope? Now, imagine you’re doing the same thing, but on a rope high above nothing? That’s highlining!

Up there, you can decide whether to walk it or flip your way across. In any case, the rope is set at crazy  heightsSetting the rope at lower heights would actually be a different sport, slackline.

extreme sports highline
Image: francebleu.fr

Extreme sports are a door to the unknown, a world full of adventures to discover and experiences to be lived. Push back your fear and try one of these extreme sports!

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