Parkour: the most trendy urban sport

This discipline, that's considered a sport, uses elements from the street for ability exercises, sometimes quite extreme. It can be compared to military style training.
Parkour: the most trendy urban sport

Last update: 29 December, 2018

Parkour is a form of movement that became a trendy urban sport in the United States and has spread to the rest of the world. It brings many benefits to your brain and body. We’ll tell you more about this discipline in the following article.

What is parkour?

Parkour is a discipline or a philosophy designed to move from one point to another in the quickest way possible. That used to be the main goal, but as time passed, it’s become a way to exercise for producing many benefits for the inside and outside of your body.

The way to practice it is by overcoming obstacles, walls, fences and more. The word comes from the French word ‘parcours’ which means ‘course’. People who practice it are known as traceurs which also comes from French vocabulary and means plotter or the one who traces the course.

Woman doing an urban sport like Parkour

When did it become a thing?

During the 80s a group of young and motivated people started training to become stronger. They did this using the natural method in an urban environment. Without knowing, they were creating a new form of entertainment that would spread around the world.

They called it, ‘the art of movement‘ and its members are called ‘yamakasi’. This word originates from the Lingala and means a strong person, in both body and spirit.

This movement is about preparing the body and mind for the purpose of moving in any environment, urban or rural, in a more efficient way. More than a sport, they see it as a lifestyle; a philosophy that marks the importance of your body and health, with the ability to do any activity in life.

When differences surfaced between two of the members in the group, the name changed from ‘the art of movement’ to parkour. This way, it wouldn’t be a closed group, rather, open to new and younger members interested in this discipline.

A young woman doing parkour

Who can practice this urban sport?

This urban sport isn’t suitable for everyone; it requires a physical condition that allows your body to make the movements that this discipline calls for. Special preparation for your joints is essential to avoid injuries.

Besides a sport, parkour is a form of art. That’s why you need stringent training, so your moves are pure, clean and as natural as possible. You can’t force them.

The groups that practice it usually gather to teach their techniques and progress; they all learn from each other. It isn’t a competitive sport, neither an aggressive one. The only goal of these athletes is to move differently around their environment; they never disturb anyone else or use their techniques for vandalism.

The benefits of this urban sport for your body are many because you work all your muscles intensively; this gives you a toned up appearance and great elasticity.

What do you need to practice parkour?

Like any other discipline, you need patience and tenacity. Besides that, you also need comfortable shoes and loose clothing that allows you to make complex movements. Beyond this, the investment in this sport is minimal, since your environment is enough.

What’s clear is that this urban sport is only for the intrepid, although your life is never in danger when you practice it. A good traceur always looks out for their own and their mate’s safety.

Do you dare to try this modality and take your training to another level?

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