Playing Sports Improves our Circulation

The habit of regularly and progressively performing sports improves circulation and blood flow. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle must be avoided to prevent different diseases and problems.
Playing Sports Improves our Circulation

Last update: 20 February, 2019

Poor blood circulation is a very common problem, especially in people aged over 40 years old. It occurs when the blood vessels lose their natural elasticity, making blood flow more difficult. Did you know that playing sports improves our circulation? This is in addition to the many other benefits that sports offer.

If blood circulation is poor, it can generate serious health consequences. That’s why it’s such a huge concern for many people. Physical activity can be very helpful for this problem and also for maintaining good general health.

Nevertheless, practicing sports regularly helps to activate blood circulation since it improves the venous return and enhances the pumping of blood to the extremities. Up next, we’ll go over some key elements to understand why playing sports improves our circulation.

Causes of bad circulation

The circulatory system is fundamental for the body since it’s responsible for carrying blood to the cells. That’s why our health depends, to a large extent, on how well it functions.

With the passage of time, t he circulatory syste m can be affected in a negative way due to a sedentary lifestyle, genetic and hormonal factors, and bad habits such as smoking. The most common symptoms that something is wrong are swollen feet, tingling, cold extremities, and the appearance of varicose veins in the legs.

How sports help to improve circulation

As mentioned before, physical exercise has a very positive effect on blood circulation. When performing physical activity on a regular basis, pumping blood to the extremities, especially to the legs, improves significantly. Similarly, the venous return is also favored.

Playing sports improves our circulation and that can prevent varicose veins from appearing. These veins are not only unsightly but can also cause very annoying symptoms and provoke serious complications.

Types of sports that improve circulation

While sports do improve our blood circulation, not all of them are suitable. In fact, certain types of activities can be harmful, instead of helpful.

When you want to know which sports can help to improve circulation, the main rule is that they must be aerobic. This means that the degree of effort must be constant, so it should be medium and long-lasting exercises. Working out by walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle are excellent activities to achieve this purpose.

Short-lasting efforts, on the other hand, are not useful. For example, the type of physical activity that a sprinter or basketball player performs is not adequate for improving circulation. Tough and impact sports aren’t advisable either.

Likewise, you must avoid activities that require the feet to hit the floor. By striking the feet against the floor, the blow can hinder the venous return, which causes the blood to remain in the legs and feet.

These types of ill-advised exercises will increase the feeling of heaviness and swelling. For the same reason, it’s also important to avoid running on asphalt and wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Walking is a good option for improving blood circulation.

Five sports that are allies of the circulatory system

There are some sports that are particularly recommended to enhance blood circulation. Here are some of them:

  • Cycling: by pedaling at a constant pace, without overstressing and maintaining rhythm, we will be contributing to the improvement of the circulatory system.
  • Running: another good ally against poor circulation. You only need a pair of good shoes to cushion the impact and a lot of motivation. It’s preferable to avoid running on asphalt to avoid possible injuries to the knees and legs.
  • Swimming: one of the most complete sports for our bodies; perfect for improving circulation and it has many benefits for the heart and lungs.
  • Golf: although it may sound surprising, golf is also a sport that helps the circulatory system. The long walks that this sport entails, and going up and down hills, are an excellent way to reactivate the venous return.
  • Dance: a perfect exercise to increase circulation. Both classical and contemporary dance or ballroom dance are great ways to enhance circulation and flexibility. Additionally, it’s an activity that allows us to socialize and relax.
Golf is an excellent way to reactivate the venous return.

Undeniably, physical activity proves once again that it’s the perfect ally for preventing diseases. Sports improve our circulation, strengthen the body, and, as if that weren’t enough, allow us to relax and enjoy fun moments. Isn’t it perfect?

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