Soccer Clubs with the Most International Titles

The clubs with the most international titles aren't always the most popular, strange as it may seem. There are a few cases in which they're pretty unknown.
Soccer Clubs with the Most International Titles

Last update: 06 March, 2020

They don’t only have their display cabinets filled with trophies from their own countries, but from all over the world. In this article, learn about the clubs who’ve won the most international titles.

Which clubs have the most international titles?

Currently, teams play 16 tournaments at the international level organized by a variety of soccer confederations. You must remember that during the history of the game, there have been many other tournaments that have since disappeared. In any case, they’ve allowed several teams to win more trophies. Here are the teams with the highest number of international titles:

1. Real Madrid, Spain (29 international titles)

The team with the highest number of titles outside of its country is also the one that has won the most championship leagues (13) and most world cups (4). They also won three titles in the now disappeared Intercontinental Cup. This puts Real Madrid easily at the top of the list with the most (7) trophies on the world stage.

And for the record books, you can’t forget that Madrid also won four Super Cups of Europe, two in the UEFA Cup, two in the Latino Cup, and the Iberoamericana Cup. Until now, the only trophy that got away from them was the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: it disputed the final twice but lost both times.

Winning team after a game.

Real Madrid was also the first team to win the League of Champions (1955) and the Intercontinental Cup (1960), and the only one to take the Iberoamericana Cup, which was only disputed once in 1994 (they won against the Boca Juniors of Argentina).

2. Al-Ahly, Egypt (24 international titles)

You might not have thought that the Egyptian team would be the second on this list. In 1907 players formed this club in Cairo. The name means “the national club” in English.

Excited teammates at a soccer game.

This club isn’t just one of the most famous in its country, but on a continental level as well. They’ve been champions eight times in the CAFChampionship League, six times in the Arab Super Cup, once in the CAF Confederation Cup, once in the Afro-Asia Cup, and once in the Arab Championship League, and once in the Arab Re-Cup.

3 Barcelona, Spain (22 titles)

“Barca” is one of the teams that’s won many games both at national and international levels. It comes in number three for the most titles won, many of them within the last few years.

A player kicking a soccer ball.

Up until now, it’s won five UEFA Championship Leagues, five UEFA Super Cups, four Re-cups of the UEFA, three Fair Cups, three World Cups, and two Latino Cups.

4. Boca Juniors, Argentina (18 international titles)

Three teams have 18 titles. In alphabetical order, the first one is Boca. The first time they won a trophy for their country was in 1977 when they won the Libertadores. In that same season, they went on to win the Intercontinental Cup.

Players from two soccer teams.

After this, they would go on to win five Libertadores more (six in total) and two more Intercontinental Cups (now at three). They hold the record for the South American Re-Cup with four titles and two shared South American Cups. They share the record with Boca Juniors for the South American Super Cup, a Masters Cup, and one Nicolás Leoz Gold Cup.

5. Independiente, Argentina (18 titles)

Known as the “Cup Kings” because they have the most trophies from the Libertadores Cup (7), this Argentine team shares the same number of trophies outside of the country with Boca. The first time they became international champions was in that very tournament in the Americas, in 1964.

Soccer players holding their trophy.

Independiente has also won the Interamerican Cup three times, the South American Cup two times, the South American Super Cup and the Intercontinental, and the South American Re-Cup and the Suruga Bank Cup once each.

6. Milan, Italy (18 titles)

The first time Mial became international champions was in 1963 when it took the European Cup (today the UEFA Champions League). They would repeat this six more times (they have seven in total).

A soccer player kicking the ball.

This is the most world-famous Italian team. They have five European Super Cups, three Intercontinental Cups, two Europe Re-Cups and World Championship League Cups.

The other teams with the most international titles are Liverpool of England and Zamalek of Egypt (14 each), Sao Paulo of Brazil and River de Argentina (12 each) and Bayern Munich of England (11).

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