Thierry Henry: France's Top Scorer

Thierry Henry has several records to his name, such as being the top scorer for the French National Team and Arsenal in the Premier League. Learn more about this excellent striker.
Thierry Henry: France's Top Scorer

Last update: 21 June, 2020

He began his professional career at Monaco and had several moments of glory. For example, he became the top scorer for the French team and for Arsenal in England. Here, we’ll tell you about the career of Thierry Henry.

Thierry Henry: a career as a player

Born in Les Ulis in 1977, Thierry Henry took his first steps at local clubs, such as FC Versailles. There, he was a partner with David Trezeguet, among others.

In the children’s category, he went on to play for AS Monaco, where he debuted in 1994 in a victory over Nice. After a short time, he scored his first goals- against Lens- although he didn’t play in his usual position; coach Arsene Wenger put him on the far left because the striker was Brazilian, Sonny Anderson.

In 1998, Juventus signed Thierry Henry, where he only spent about six months. In part, this was because he had a hard time adapting to the style of play, as well as playing a more defensive position.

A year later, he joined the Arsenal team in England, where he met his former coach, Wenger. There, he was appointed as the center-forward, with Dennis Bergkamp as his partner.

Titi, his nickname, had become one of the best players in the Premier League in the 2001 season. In the 2003/2004 season- the year they emerged as champions- he won best in the league.

A statue of Thierry Henry.

A year later, in 2005, he became the top scorer in the history of his team, surpassing Ian Wright’s 185 points. When he was at the peak of his career, a series of injuries prevented him from playing several games.

His move to Spanish soccer and MLS

Then, in 2007 he signed a contract to play for Barcelona for four seasons. His first official goal playing for Barca was against Olympique de Lyon for the Champions League. For the League, he scored a hat trick against Levante.

In the 2008-2009 season, Thierry Henry was part of the team that won the big three: the Spanish League, the King’s Cup and the Champions League, playing for Barcelona.

Then, he became a player for the last team of his career in 2010: the New York Red Bulls for the MSL. He was a great scorer, with 14 goals in the season.

Thierry Henry: return to London and retirement

After two years, he returned to Arsenal, where he’s a true idol. In December 2014, playing again for the New York team, Thierry Henry confirmed his professional retirement from soccer at age 37.

In total, he won two local titles with Monaco, seven with Arsenal, four with Barcelona, and three with the Red Bulls in New York. Regarding his international titles, he has three with Barcelona. In the first division, adding the four teams, he managed to score 455 goals.

Thierry Henry: top scorer for the French national team

Titi’s official debut on the French national team was in 1977, against South Africa. A year later, he participated in the World Cup that took place in his own country. During that tournament, he had the privilege of being championed at just 21 years old.

Henry on the field.

In Euro 2000, he was also champion and scorer for his team. In addition, he was crucial for the 2003 Confederations Cup title, in the 2006 World Cup runner-up, and in the 2008 Euro Cup qualification. On the contrary, he didn’t play well in Korea-Japan 2002.

Also, he was part of the French national team in the qualification for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, starring in a controversial move against Ireland. Thierry Henry scored a goal clearly using his hand to help the ball.

Finally, after the Cup, he confirmed his withdrawal from Les Bleus.  With 81 goals in 180 games, Titi is the top scorer in the history of the Gauls.

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