The Best Wearables for your Workouts

They are the ideal complement for measuring our sports performance, making plans, or improving your entertainment during training. Learn how technology makes its way into sports with wearables for workouts.
The Best Wearables for your Workouts

Last update: 13 December, 2018

We all like to have a great state of health! That’s why it’s good to know certain information, such as the number of calories we burn, the amount of time we sleep, or how long we have been exercising for.

Up until a short time ago, we remembered this data in our heads, which is why we often forgot it while concentrating on other things. We also like to be precise, in order to really understand the state of our health or if we should increase or decrease the time we spend on a certain activity, such as sleeping.

So as not to forget all of this data and information, wearables for your workouts were created. In addition to being able to manage and record our progress, wearables are practical and comfortable to use, similar to a simple watch. Furthermore, they don’t interfere with our daily lives, so you can wear one at all times.

Up next, we’ll suggest a list of different wearables for your workouts that you can purchase to perfectly control your health status. This means that you don’t have to be in charge of managing all the data on the activities you do.

Fitbit High HR

This is one of the fully equipped wearables for your workouts that has a heart-rate reader. It also monitors the steps you take during the day, the distance you travel, and the calories you burn while doing an activity. It even has an automated training system.

With all of this technology, you will know what your workout physically demands of you, count the hours you sleep, and even track how much time you spend in each of the different sleep phases. This enables you to know how many hours of sleep you are getting.

Some wearables come fully equipped.

Fitbit wearables are the best in terms of interaction with the user. All the information that can be collected by this wearable is sent directly to the Fitbit application or even to the accessory’s screen. You can buy this type of wearable for about $150.

Misfit Phase

It’s the perfect combination between a wearable for your workouts and a smartwatch. If you want it to look like an ordinary watch so nobody knows that you’re monitoring your different activities, this is one of the wearables that will suit you.

Besides having the common characteristics of a wearable as we discussed in the previous section, it also has the common characteristics of a smartwatch. That is, you can synchronize it to your phone so that it vibrates or turns on a light when you receive a call. It also has a smart button with which you can control smart home devices.

With regards to monitoring your physical activity, you can change it to an active mode so that the clock hands can show you your progress while you exercise. This wearable can be yours for approximately $260.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

If you are looking for a simple wearable for your workouts, this isn’t for you! It is useful for people who enjoy all kinds of sports. With it, you can monitor activities such as skiing, jogging, or even playing golf.

It will control your heart rate and your steps. Thanks to its integrated GPS, you can track the distance and calories that you’ve burned in a more precise manner. You can also set a route to follow.

Moreover, it has a large touchscreen on which you can see messages and view your social networks. As it’s one of the most complete wearables, its price increases to around $275.

TomTom Spark 3

This wearable also has a built-in GPS that you can use during all kinds of sports. In addition to the qualities of the previous one, this one has enough storage for 500 songs, which you can listen to while doing whichever physical activity you choose.

You can also explore different routes; that is, search for alternative paths you can take to arrive at the same destination. It also saves checkpoints for you so that you can find your way back to the place where you started.

Besides all of the above, you can save the results of the physical activities you’ve done and compare them with what you do every day to see your progression. Even with all these properties, it’s not one of the most expensive wearables as it can be yours for about $180.

Wearables can save the results of physical activity.

Nowadays, and thanks to technology, it’s possible to measure the positive impact that running has on our heart health.

Samsung Gear Fit2

This wearable could be considered to be the most elegant of all. With it, you can track your heart rate and it can inform you of the data regarding the activity that you’re doing. You can also measure distances and the calories you’ve spent, thanks to the built-in GPS.

You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and through its screen, you can respond to any notifications, messages, and calls you may receive. It can also store up to 500 songs. You can buy this model for approximately $210.

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