Do Planks at Home and Start Loving your Abdomen!

Planks are the best exercise we can do to get a strong and toned abdomen. We can do variations of this type of exercise and increase the intensity of the work-out too. There's a simple way to define our abs, and we can do this without even leaving the house.
Do Planks at Home and Start Loving your Abdomen!

Last update: 30 October, 2019

The abdominal area is usually difficult to tone, although, there are ways to get fast results. Doing different plank exercises to tone your abs is usually the most effective way, although they tend to be somewhat tedious. We encourage you to do planks at home in order to gradually achieve a firm abdomen!

Let’s start from the basis that the entire abdominal area supports and gives balance to the rest of the body. By working the abdominal muscles the lower back is strengthened. Doing this can prevent potential back problems too.

Doing planks at home is great for your health

There are no tricks or complexities when doing planks. It’s a matter of getting into a routine of 5 to 10 minutes a day, it’s as simple as that. Planks are the basis of a good exercise routine. If you go running or walking, you need to supplement the effort with abdominal work.

By doing planks at home you can activate a chain of muscles covering the entire torso. To do so, you need to know some of the multiple variants of this exercise. Even with the classic plank, we can obtain good results.

Doing planks as part of your daily routine

As with everything in life, everything we do must pursue an objective to be successful. In fact, setting a goal may be more important than achieving it. As the saying goes, “utopia will never be reached, but it drives our efforts”. This type of attitude should motivate you to start doing planks at home as part of your daily routine. This way, with good motivation, we can start by doing five minutes a day. You can also do two sessions of two or three minutes each. It’s proven that performing these types of exercises for 30 days within the parameters described offers guaranteed results. That said, it doesn’t seem so impossible, and it’s not.

Why do planks at home?

Because planking is an exercise that doesn’t require any investment in materials or devices, and in turn, is quite simple to do. When you’re at home, you can do them whenever you feel like it and wherever you feel most comfortable.

If you carry out planking sessions lasting a few minutes every day in your house, you’ll quickly start to notice the results, you’ll increase the stability of your pelvis and spine, and correct your body posture. Also, other complementary parts of the body will benefit as well, such as the back, chest, quadriceps, and biceps.

Another positive result is the confidence that we gain thanks to the fact that by strengthening the abdominal area, our body’s energy will flow in harmony from the center of the body outwards.

How to do an impeccable plank

  1. Lie down on the floor in a straight line, without arching the lower back, and stretch your back as much as possible.
  2. Your hands and elbows should be aligned with your shoulders.
  3. Keep your eyes fixed slightly downwards, so that the cervical area does not arch.
  4. Balance your movements and breathing since it’s through this exercise that the muscles become activated.
  5. Maintain the muscles adjoining your abdomen: tense your buttocks, and quadriceps. You should feel the pressure rising from your feet.

Important: if while planking you start to feel that your posture weakens, it means that you should stop, take a break for a few seconds and start over. On the other hand, when you finish your planking session at home you can perform other stretches to improve your muscular tone.

To conclude, doing planks at home is simply a matter of a little willpower. If you start, do it with determination and begin with a routine of five minutes a day. When you have the body you want, you’ll see your path with perspective and smile at how quick and easy everything was.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.