6 Tips to Build Body Mass for Ectomorphs

Too skinny? Or no matter how hard you work out, do you really struggle with building muscle mass? Check out our tips to make progress towards your goals.
6 Tips to Build Body Mass for Ectomorphs

Last update: 08 May, 2019

Ectomorphs are people who physically struggle to gain weight and muscle mass. For ectomorphs, just eating huge meals and doing intense gym days will hardly bear any fruit. But, the good news is that if you’re an ectomorph, you can gain weight despite your genetics, by following the right advice.

Gaining weight isn’t magic, neither is it down to luck. Simply, there are different ways for people who work out every day to reach their goal weight. Seems too good to be true? In our post today, we’re going to share our recommendations to make it happen.

Six workout tips for ectomorphs

It might not be through the traditional route, but ectomorphs can build muscle mass too.

1. Multi-joint exercises for ectomorphs

For ectomorphs or people on the skinnier side, exercises should aim to raise testosterone levels in order to help them put on weight. The workouts should be mostly global movements. Sit-ups, push-ups, deadlifts or lunges are good options for workout sessions.

Testosterone is a hormone that amps up the masculine characteristics. For example, it’s responsible for muscle growth.

As for specific or isolating exercises, some of them, such as the bicep curl, are suitable for ectomorphs. In any case, they should be added into the workout plan after the global exercises.

2. Do more in less time

Ectomorphs have a very fast metabolism. Consequently, following a massive workout routine–spending hours at the gym–means burning more calories and no gain in muscle mass.

gain weight 1

The key lies in the intensity. By following intense workouts, you’ll burn fewer calories and demand a bigger anabolic reaction from your body. A workout with six exercises will be all you need.

For each of those exercises, 3 or 4 sets of 8 repetitions will be more than sufficient. Unlike what most people might think, you don’t need to work out muscles from different angles.

That means that you don’t need additional or complementary exercises before or after a set. Just stick to the routine.

3. Ectomorphs should perform less cardio

Cardio is an aerobic exercise designed to burn calories. Burning calories doesn’t help ectomorphs build body mass at all. It does the opposite.

While you don’t have to stop cardio completely, you should reduce the amount significantly. Try doing them in intervals instead.

4. Recovery time

Ectomorphs need more recovery and compensation time. When resting, eating a proper diet is essential. You should also keep bedtime sacred; don’t forget that hormone levels rise when we’re asleep.

5. The right diet

Ectomorphs need a different diet than the norm. If you want to build muscle mass, not eating enough isn’t the way to succeed.

If you want to meet your goals, controlling the quantity and quality of your calories is crucial. Proteins and carbohydrates should be the main nutrients in your diet.

Additionally, you should opt for breakfasts that are packed with micro-nutrients in order to build muscle fiber; so look for options with plenty of vitamins and minerals. For ectomorphs, breakfast should be a complete, satisfying and well-rounded meal. Grains are great options, as are nuts.

breakfast ectomorph 2

6. Dietary supplements for ectomorphs

If you’re an ectomorph, we recommend taking whey protein, amino-acid (leucine), creatine or omega-3 supplements. However, don’t use them to replace a balanced diet, exercise or a good night’s sleep.

What we have explained is the right workout regime and diet for ectomorphs; as long as you rest sufficiently, artificial supplements aren’t necessary. Supplements are quite expensive and won’t give you magic results.

To wrap up, ectomorphs, just like everyone else, can gain body mass by following a plan that suits their needs.

The right gym and a protein-rich diet are the pillars for building muscle fiber and mass. There’s one perfect word that can describe the entire path to gaining body mass for an ectomorph: perseverance.

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