Bkool Smart Bike for Indoor Cycling at Home

Thanks to tools like this, it's no longer necessary to leave the comfort of your own home in order to get into shape. Here are the best benefits of the Bkool Smart Bike.
Bkool Smart Bike for Indoor Cycling at Home

Last update: 30 October, 2019

Working out at home is a great option for those who don’t have much time or don’t like to visit gyms. However, it’s necessary to follow a guide for your own fitness level. And so, here’s where a tool, such as the Bkool Smart Bike comes in useful. It will help you with your training.

Bkool Smart Bike for indoor cycling at home

Nowadays, where everyone seems to be so busy that they can’t take time for themselves, working out at home is a great option. With this new trend, many gyms are seeing the decline of indoor cycling. It seems that most people don’t have enough time to go to class.

However, this activity is still one of the most practiced worldwide. From beginners to professional athletes, everyone can practice indoor cycle.

Up until now in order to attend a gym class, you would need to visit the gym at a specific time. Due to this inconvenience, even the most flexible gym has seen a decrease in its users.

If you have scheduling problems and you can no longer attend a spinning class to stay in shape, then you should practice it at home. With the new Bkool Smart Bike, you’ll be able to do the same, and possibly much more than at the gym.

Use the Bkool Smart bike at home

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From beginners to professional athletes, everyone can practice indoor cycling.

What is the Bkool Smart Bike?

This is a revolutionary new tool, invented in Spain, that allows us to practice spinning at home as if we were at the gym. Thus, the smart bike is a solution for those people who don’t have enough time to go to the gym or who want a more personal routine.

The Bkool Smart Bike uses a mobile application with a static bike to make you feel as if you are at the gym. The software consists of an indoor cycle simulator that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

How to use it

This is like having your own personal trainer at home. But first, you have to do a test to determine your fitness level. Based on that, you’re given certain objectives to achieve within a specific time. You can have the automatic settings or change them manually with your cell phone.

We guarantee that you won’t be bored with the Bkool Smart Bike since the routine is constantly changing. In fact, each session will be a unique and personal experience. You’ll be able to choose the trainer, the image, resistance level and much more.

You can also download the simulation on your phone or computer. Thus, allowing you to have your training data, such as your history, calories burned and other relevant information.

You can download the Bkool software to your phone or computer

How it works

The bike itself works with a series of magnets that it adapts to up to 15oo different positions. It can go to 120 rpm and adjusts accordingly to the desired goal. And so, this bike can realistically simulate large slopes.

Each session will be a unique and personal experience. You will be able to choose the trainer, the image, resistance level and much more.

The resistance levels are controlled manually and it has a phone holder in order to have the information readily available during training. If you’re like most people and don’t have much time for the gym, the Bkool Smart Bike may be the best option for you. Try it out!

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