The 7 Best Hiking Trails in the World

Hiking is great for the whole family, and isn't just for the summer. Some hiking trails are more famous, but all of them let you spend time in nature.
The 7 Best Hiking Trails in the World

Last update: 11 April, 2020

Would you like to take a different vacation where you exercise and spend time in nature? Then don’t miss out on this article where we’ll tell you about seven of the best hiking trails in the world.

What are the best hiking trails?

This sport and recreational activity, which you do on marked trails, is very popular around the world. Its goals are to learn about each place while exercising. The best hiking trails in the world are:

1. Best hiking trails: Camino de Santiago (France and Spain)

Although it’s a religious pilgrimage following the footsteps of the apostle Santiago (James, in English), lots of people choose this route to enjoy the landscape whilst hiking.

The Camino de Santiago in Spain.

It’s a long walk that runs through beautiful towns, and it ends in the city Santiago de CompostelaThe French path is the most popular, and passes through the cities of Leon and Pamplona, through the Pyrenees and Galician fields. It’s about 485 miles.

2. Cinque Terre (Italy)

Looking for a different idea for a couple’s vacation or your honeymoon? Then this route is perfect for you. Also, it’s great for families with restless children!

On Cinque Terre, you can enjoy local culture through five fishing villages with views of the Mediterranean Sea: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

In total, the route is only about 7.5 miles, but it can take up to a week to complete it. This is because you’ll fall in love with every step! In the summer, this area is more crowded, so it’s best to visit between April and June.

3. Lycian Way (Turkey)

This trail is still in the Mediterranean but on the Asian side. The Lycian Way is without a doubt one of the best hiking trails. It’s a 310-mile route where you’ll find history, nature, culture, art, adventure, archeology, gastronomy and much more.

The Lycian Way in Turkey.

The Lycian Way bears the name of the Lycians, warrior-merchant people who occupied southern Turkey. Between forests, farmland, cliffs, Roman ruins, and fishing villages, you’ll never want to leave.

4. Best Hiking Trails: Inca Trail (Peru)

The famous city of Machu Picchu is one of the destinations everyone should see in their life. Although you can get to this hidden mountain by train or bus, hiking is the best way to get to know the sacred valleys and mountains.

One of the best hiking trails is in Peru.

This is why it’s become one of the best hiking routes in the world. Along the way, you’ll find cultivated fields, ancient pre-Colombian ruins, 12,000-foot mountainsAlso, you’ll see the Puerta del Amanecer where you can see the last Incan city to fall.

5. Laugavegur Trail (Iceland)

Are you a fan of volcanoes? Would you like to feel like an explorer traveling to far-away lands? Then this Icelandic route is great for you! Here, you can admire and learn about volcanic activity. In addition, you can visit the twin craters of Magni and Modi.

Iceland has another one of the best hiking trails.

The Laugavegur Trail is about 50 miles round trip. Also, the best time to do it is in the summer.

6. The Great Himalaya Trail (Nepal)

It’s true that this place is great for climbers, but it’s also one of the best hiking trails in the world. The Great Himalaya Trail crosses the highest mountain range in the world. In addition, you can rest in small communities in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan on this 100-mile route at different heights.

The Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal.

7. Best hiking trails: the Highland Trail (Scotland)

The Scottish Highlands are truly beautiful, and they’re becoming more popular. Therefore, we have to include them in this list of the best hiking trails in the world.

This route is 95 miles long and runs from Milngavie to Fort William. In the middle, you’ll find Ben Nevis, the Rannoch Moor or Loch Lomond.

A woman hiking in Scotland.

Best of all, you can do this tour whenever you want, and stay in a different village every night. However, we recommend visiting the Highlands in the spring or fall.

Finally, other great hiking routes are, the Snowman Trek (Bhutan), the Hayduke Trail (Utah and Arizona), the Israel National Trail, the route through the Appalachian Mountains, the Northern Drakensberg Route (South Africa) and the Yoshida Trail (Japan).

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