What You Should Avoid When Going Hiking

Here, we give you some tips on what to keep in mind when going hiking. We pay particular attention to things you should avoid doing, so that you can enjoy a peaceful experience.
What You Should Avoid When Going Hiking

Last update: 15 November, 2019

It might come as a surprise that many people are firmly devoted to hiking. This sport involves walking through routes or trails that have been preapproved and identified.

The routes or trails that you have to take are marked off in different colors. These colors indicate the level of difficulty of each of the trails. Going hiking isn’t just about following a map or getting some exercise, though. Another important point regarding this sport is that you can enjoy natural landscapes.

Anyone can get involved with this sport. That’s because there are trails for every level of hiker: experts, beginners, and intermediate enthusiasts. The trails vary according to difficulty. Other than being a recreational activity, hiking is very beneficial to the health of its practitioners.

Mistakes you should avoid when hiking

As with any activity, there are certain points or errors that experts recommend you avoid. It’s especially important for you to heed such advice when you’re just getting started with any new activity.

There are, of course, risks and mistakes in hiking as well, even though it may seem that the sport involves nothing more than walking. It’s not the same to walk around a town or a city as it is to walk through mountains. The following are the most common errors beginners make that they would do best to avoid.

Going hiking alone

Even though doing certain physical activities alone can be very satisfying, in the case of hiking, it’s important not to do it alone. Experts recommend that you go with another person or with a group. In this way, if any problems arise, there are people who can help and support you.

Woman resting while going hiking

Ignoring the fact that there are risks

Even when we’re talking about trails that are considered easy, it’s very important not to become overconfident and think that nothing can happen. In hiking, there’s no zero-risk trail. That’s why you have to stay alert, be careful, and pay attention to any signs you see. If you feel unsafe at any point, the best option is to go back to the starting point.

Walking fast to try and get through the trail as quickly as possible

This is a common mistake in these types of activities. Hiking isn’t a race. As such, experts recommend that you take all the time necessary to enjoy the walk, the landscapes, and the nature around you. You should maintain a relaxed and constant pace because that will make the whole experience more pleasant for you.

The difficulty of hiking will depend on each participant’s physical state, the type of terrain, the duration of the session, the participant’s experience, and other variables.

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Going hiking without any type of specialized equipment

Experts recommend that you have the appropriate technical equipment when you go hiking. Typically required equipment is mountain clothing, appropriate footwear, and other athletic equipment. It’s important to consider this aspect, as some accidents arise because of the lack of appropriate equipment.

Along these lines, a backpack is an essential component of hiking. It should be organized correctly. Also, you should be sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing and foresee any weather changes.

Going hiking without using any system of navigation

Even though hiking trails are clearly marked, it often happens that people become disoriented and get lost. Because of this fact, it’s a good idea to include some extra navigation support. Some good examples are: a compass, maps, a GPS system, or some navigation system on your cell phone.

Beyond navigation systems or devices you might use, it’s important to pay attention to the signals and characteristics in your environment for identifying reference points.

Failure to foresee weather issues

Before going hiking, it’s important to research weather forecasts for the trip. You have to prepare yourself for different weather conditions such as rain, harsh winds, or extreme sunshine.

Failure to adapt to group conditions for the trail

If you’re going hiking with someone or with a group, it’s essential to keep the group conditions in mind so as to plan out the appropriate trail. This way, the group will keep a constant pace appropriate to its abilities. You will also avoid group members getting lost or delays during the session.

People going hiking in a group

Failure to tell people the details of the activity

Before setting off, experts recommend that you tell your family or friends about the exact trail you intend to follow. It’s also a good idea to give them relevant information with regard to how long you intend to be out, who you intend to go with, and any contact numbers where they can reach you. It’s just a matter of common-sense security.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.