3 Tips for Setting Up a Cardio Program

If you want to start a cardio program, you must know how to plan it in the best possible way. In this article, we offer some tips for setting up a cardio program.
3 Tips for Setting Up a Cardio Program

Last update: 16 November, 2020

Many people decide to start doing cardiovascular activities in order to lose weight and improve their physical condition. However, not all athletes follow an adequate plan. For this reason, we’ve prepared an article with some tips for setting up a cardio program. Take note!

Fortunately, cardiovascular exercises are easier than building muscle through strength training, for example. And, as you well know, a weight loss training program is different due to its content and structure.

In any case, a cardio routine is a perfect way to promote fat loss and body maintenance. Also, don’t forget that cardio exercises not only aid weight loss but also help improve the overall quality of life. They’ll make you feel healthier, improve your mood, and boost your vitality!

The best tips for setting up a cardio program

Doing cardio has clear and direct benefits. However, many people don’t know what constitutes effective cardio for fat burning and to improve their fitness. Here are the best tips for correctly setting up a cardio program.

1. Choose the best exercises or sports for you

The first of the tips for setting up a cardio program is to choose an activity you enjoy doing. This means that you must feel comfortable with the exercise or sport you choose to get that extra dose of motivation every athlete needs.

A man doing cardio.
One of the most helpful weight loss tips is to eat smaller portions several times a day.

If you choose activities you don’t enjoy or aren’t comfortable with, it’ll obviously be very difficult for you to feel motivated to continue.

2. Cardio program: how much time do you have to do your chosen activity?

After you decide on an activity, you should know that the time you have to dedicate to it plays a big role in your cardio program. Thus, if you only have 20 to 30 minutes to do a quick workout, you may want to opt for high-intensity interval training or a quick strength training session without taking long breaks.

On the contrary, if you have more time, you can integrate some resistance into your training program by doing longer workouts. This allows you to better focus on the warmup, training, and cool-down phases of the exercise.

Whatever your case, you must take your exercise availability into consideration when you’re setting up a cardio program.

3. Cardio program: will you be able to exercise regularly and stay motivated?

The last of our tips for setting up a cardio program is for you to make sure you exercise regularly and stay motivated. Remember that there’s no use in starting an exercise program if you aren’t fully committed to your goals.

When it comes to regularity, what you do, how long you do it, or how much effort you put in aren’t as important. Believe it or not, you’re more likely to succeed if you stop focusing on weight loss and focus on staying committed instead.

A woman jogging in the street.

In this regard, to achieve results, you need to introduce at least two hour-and-a-half workout sessions per week, with a recovery day between each one. In fact, you should add a third session whenever possible, always spaced from the others by at least one day to promote muscle recovery and avoid the risk of suffering injuries.

As you may have seen, the tips we shared in this article can help you set up a cardio program that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Beyond this, remember that nutrition is also particularly important to promote weight loss. Thus, you need to make sure to get enough protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and, of course, healthy fats.

Finally, don’t forget that doing a dynamic warm-up will increase your mobility, reduce the risk of injury, and prepare your body for the task at hand. Put these tips into practice today, as they’ll help you reach your goals!

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