End Your Sedentary Lifestyle with Everyday Movements

Every small action in our daily lives can represent a chance to feel better. Learn a few tips to fight against a sedentary lifestyle by focusing on minor details.
End Your Sedentary Lifestyle with Everyday Movements

Last update: 15 November, 2019

This is one of the evils of modern life: the number of people affected by the lack of physical activity in their lives rises every year. The excuses are many, but the change is not only necessary, it’s also perfectly possible. We’ll tell you how to end your sedentary lifestyle in a simple way.

People who live a sedentary life aren’t the only ones that need to learn to be more active; even the most active people can still move more. You just need to incorporate some additional routines into your daily life in order to leave this sedentary lifestyle behind.

Those who have the time and economic disposition can break the monotony and always remain active through easy changes. However, the people who don’t exercise regularly are the ones who need to follow these tips the most.

Signing up to a gym will always be a good idea, but it’s not essential. What matters is to live the healthiest life possible. Only 150 minutes of moderate activity a week are necessary to break the vicious circle. This is equal to two hours and thirty minutes, a time lapse that can be broken up into as many daily blocks as necessary.

Strategies to end your sedentary lifestyle

Walking away from a sedentary lifestyle

To overcome the lack of physical activity, walking is the number one option. Other than comfortable shoes, it doesn’t require special accessories or any monthly fees. Walking is an activity that you can always carry out, anywhere and at any time.

For example, in order to break free from your sedentary life, walk to the office. If the distance to your workplace is very long and you have to take a car or public transport, there are other options to get around on foot. One option is to park your vehicle at a certain distance from the entrance to your workplace or to get off the bus a few stops before.

Likewise, the list of daily tasks that involve walking, which have the specific goal of making us move, is extremely broad. They include taking the dog out for a walk or going to the supermarket for grocery shopping. Even going to a shopping mall allows you to take a few steps.

Riding a bike can be entertaining as well.

Riding a bike to prevent a sedentary lifestyle

The reasons for dusting off your bike or acquiring a new one are not just for your health. Riding a bike is great as a means of transportation. In addition to being friendly to the environment and not generating annoying noises or traffic congestions, riding a bicycle is an excellent exercise.

Stairs are allies, not enemies

Elevators and escalators are two of the solutions provided by industrial and technological advances that help us ascend buildings. They are undoubtedly necessary equipment, but you shouldn’t abuse them.

Going up two floors or accessing the street from the metro station step by step are two of the best ways to interrupt a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, if it becomes a routine, your legs will proudly show the favorable evolution of all their muscles.

You also have to move while in the office

Computers, telephones, and emails are all within one click; we don’t even have to leave our chairs. We spend h ours and hours, day by day, week by week sitting at a desk, working in front of a computer.

With work schedules that cover most of the day and responsibilities that don’t allow for too many distractions, moving can be a truly impossible mission. Nonetheless, you have to make it possible.

The possibilities are many: for example, not using the telephone to consult or communicate something to people who are inside the same office. Walk to their workstation instead of sending an email.

Going up or down flights of stairs while at work is great. Additionally, we recommend that you don’t take a bottle of water to your personal desk. It’s better to get up every 45 minutes to move your body and hydrate as well.

Play like children

In almost all families, there are small children: siblings, nephews, or cousins. Unless there’s a higher force preventing it, children are always active, jumping, moving, and playing. Participating in these games is a good way to enjoy a lot of physical activity.

playing games is a good way to stay active.

Practice a sport

Regarding the last alternative that we propose, the options are endless: soccer, basketball, handball, tennis, athletics, climbing, archery, swimming, etc. You can choose between group sports or individual ones.

Dancing is also a very beneficial aerobic activity. Dancing to a song three times a day adds up to around 10 minutes per day. Hence, you should dance or do any of these other activities to end your sedentary lifestyle. You just need the resolve to do it and go with the flow.

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