Strange Things That Happen to Your Body When You Run

For some, running is a relaxing and fun activity. However, many people don't know about the strange effects it can have on our bodies.
Strange Things That Happen to Your Body When You Run

Last update: 29 April, 2019

Running is one of the most popular sporting activities in the world. It’s easy to do, you don’t need special equipment, aside from wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes. However, did you know that strange things happen to your body when you run?

The consequences of running can affect anyone, however certain situations go a step further than just fatigue or occasional leg pain. However, the things that happen to your body when you run don’t imply that you have to quit the sport.

Six consequences on your body when you run

1. Metallic flavor in the mouth

After running distances longer than four miles, this tends to happen. Some runners experience a strange taste in their mouth, along with the tase of blood. In fact, there’s a simple explanation for this.

The physical effort that runners put their bodies through in order to run long distances increases the production of red blood cells. Consequently, these can affect the sense of taste.

If this happens occasionally, there’s no problem. However, if this starts to happen frequently when you run, we recommend that you visit a doctor. And so, you should check to make sure you don’t have an infection or any other serious symptom.

2. Urge to go to the bathroom

Feeling as if you have to go to the bathroom before a competition is usually because you’re nervous. Generally, these urges only signal inconveniences particularly when you feel the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the race.

Most specialists agree that it shouldn’t be particularly strange. Remember that 75 percent of the body works hard when running, meaning that the digestive system can be activated.

On the other hand, you may have urinary incontinence. When athletes have a weakness in the pelvic floor this tends to happen. Experts say that at least half of all women runners suffer from micro leaks in a race.

Your body when you run can act strage

3. Memory lapses

Although athletes are aware this may happen, it’s still worrisome to find yourself in this situation. For example, it’s common to forget where you parked the car.

However, this memory lapse happens to your body when running because of fatigue. The body uses up the glycogen reserves, the polysaccharide that is fuel for the brain. Therefore, we recommend drinking energy drinks and some appetizers when training and during the competition.

4. Coughing and rhinitis happen in the body when you run

A constant cough can appear after running distances longer than 10 miles. Its origin is in the spasms of the muscles surrounding the lungs. Nonetheless, if these bronchoconstrictions occur when finishing the exercise, it’s the rhinitis that’s quite uncomfortable.

This happens because liquids tend to leak from the nasal cavities during the race. Cold weather and dry air are associated with this situation. However, allergenic components in the air may also cause this, such as dirt or pollen during the spring.

5. Increased breathing happens in the body when you run

This is one of the most common effects that happens to your body when you run. The cause is quite simple: the muscles require more oxygen in order to meet the demand.

Avoid dehydration when running

Meanwhile, the heart must increase the pulse in order to efficiently distribute the blood. This blood is full of the new oxygen and nutrients that the muscles are asking for. In average the pulse doubles, going from 70 beats per minute to 150 beats per minute.

6. Burning calories

Not long after beginning the exercise, the body will start to consume calories. Just ninety seconds after beginning the race, the body will start to burn energy. This is precisely one of the main reasons that people run despite the discomforts it causes. Therefore, it’s one of the healthiest exercises to practice.

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