The Best 80s Songs For Running

Last update: 08 August, 2018

With the right music, running can be extraordinary. To help motivate you further, listen to 80s music while you run.

One of the best ways to find motivation when running, is through music. Therefore, in this article, we recommend some of the best songs from the 80s, for you to go running with! Most people agree that the 80s is still one of the best decades–in terms of music.


Music and exercise: the best running songs from the 80s

Music transmits emotions and is capable of generating motivation for those who listen to it. Therefore, many athletes, especially runners, choose to listen to music when they exercise. In fact, some studies, suggest that listening to music at an accelerated pace will help you to run much faster.

The truth is that music is the ideal companion for any runner. Using headphones while running allows for a higher concentration during the activity.

Beat It

Beat It: One of the best known songs from the king of pop, Michael Jackson. This song was published on February 14, 1983. Beat It went on to win two Grammy awards in the categories: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and Recording of the Year.


No Easy Way Out

No Easy Way Out, by Robert Tepper, is one of the best 80s songs to run along with. It is the song from the movie, Rocky IV, and it is also the soundtrack of the saga.

In fact, this song was written at the request of Sylvester Stallone. As of April 24, 1985, this song topped the Billboard Hot 100 list–for more than six weeks.



Maniac is one of the most famous songs by Michael Sembello. It was released in 1983 and featured in the film, Flashdance. Its accelerated rhythm makes it one of the essential songs to have on every runner’s playlist.


Love is a Battlefield

Written by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman and performed by Pat Benatar, this song is one of the great classics of the 80s. It was published in 1983 and quickly became one of the most recognized singles of the year in the United States. This song won the gold record, since it remained in the top five of Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 list.


Under Pressure

Under Pressure: song of the year in 1981. It was recorded by the two great legends of the music world, Queen and David Bowie. This song arose from an improvised version, created between both of the singers, in a meeting that took place in Switzerland.


You Give Love a Bad Name

This unforgettable song performed by Bon Jovi was released on July 23, 1986. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

You Give Love a Bad Name is one of the most special songs by this band. Mostly because it was the first big success for the group and to this day, it is often featured in different video games.


Every Breath You Take

This song belongs to the band, The Police. Written by Sting, from its launch in 1983, it went on to become one of the great classics of the 80s. The song topped the Billboard list of the 100 best-selling singles, and remained so for eight weeks.

Every Breath You Take won two Grammys in the categories for: Best Pop Performance by a Group and Song of the Year. According to Rolling Stone magazine, this song is ranked 84th out of the 500 best songs of all time.


The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a song performed by the famous Swedish band, Europe.  Released on February 14, 1986, it was the first single, from the album of the same name. This song reached the top ranked position in over 25 countries. It remains one of the most popular and well-known songs of all time.

These eight singles should definitely be present in every runner’s playlist. They represent the true gems of music with strong and vibrant rhythms. This makes these 80s songs ideal for listening to when running.


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