An Overview of Weight Loss Supplements

The main tenets of weight loss are to exercise and pay attention to your diet. But beyond adhering to strict plans to reach your goals, there are weight loss supplements that can give you a helping hand.
An Overview of Weight Loss Supplements

Last update: 28 September, 2018

Some weight loss supplements such as, L-carnitine or glucomannan are unknown to many who are new to the fitness world. Knowing and understanding how they work, means that you can comprehend how they help you towards your goals.

What’s more, there are many weight loss supplements you can turn to, to help you in different ways. Let’s take a look at how those that are available will work with your body.

It’s one of the most recognized weight loss supplements in the fitness world, due to its effectiveness. Firstly, it helps your muscle cells latch on to fatty acids. This enhances your muscles’ performance, which in turn helps you exercise.

dumbbell and l-carnitine powder

Another benefit of the above function is that it makes your body burn fat for energy more quickly. Of course, it helps your body burn fat more easily through exercise. Your body will absorb it much more efficiently.

It goes without saying that you should combine L-carnitine with a diet tailored to your body. Generally, you should start out with 56 ounces daily. However, everything depends on factors such as, age and weight, which is why you should always consult with your trainer before you begin.

Another well-known option is glucomannan

Although its name is a little strange, glucomannan is another supplement that you’ll commonly see at the gym. It’s a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and lets you lower your calorie intake.

Its power lies in its ability to satisfy hunger without generating extra calories. For its benefits, many use it to control their diets and prevent becoming overweight.

Glucomannan comes from a tuberous crop called, konjac, whose main property is absorbing large amounts of water. In addition to helping with weight loss, this substance reduces cholesterol and helps to balance sugar levels.

Whey protein fosters weight loss

Many people falsely believe that protein makes you gain weight. This is usually a misconception, since this type of food only increases muscle mass.

In the case of whey protein, it can also satisfy your appetite and help you to gain muscle. To help you lose weight, you should follow an exercise routine and a proper diet.

As for its composition, this supplement contains proteins specific to whey. It provides a considerable amount of amino acids which also helps your body to absorb body fat.

Weight loss supplements: thermogenics

Thermogenics are well known for their role in weight loss since they boost your metabolism. However, their effects on the human body are much more complex.

One of the things thermogenics does is raise your body temperature, meaning it increases your calorie burn. This results in fat burn, as well as muscle tone.

The only issue with this kind of supplement is that you should be careful when you take them. Be sure to consult a specialist before starting them. You should also avoid consuming them excessively. Ideally, you should use them for a few weeks and then take a break from them.

Green tea supplements

Oftentimes, the best way to lose weight is by turning to herbs. Green tea has proven properties that can help you to slim down.

weight loss supplements green tea being poured into cup

Its high level of antioxidants can generally help cellular formation. In addition, this herb can help you to increase your body temperature which benefits your weight loss efforts.

And best of all, this is a natural product. The good news is that there are even supplements on the market that have green tea as their main ingredient. Nutritionists and coaches alike recommend this type of supplement to accompany low-carb diets.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.