Avocado Oil: Nutritional Benefits and Common Uses

Avocado oil is increasingly popular, and it's no wonder. This food contains a large number of essential oils necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Given its amount of essential fatty acids, it's a product with a large number of beneficial properties.
Avocado Oil: Nutritional Benefits and Common Uses

Last update: 01 July, 2019

Avocado oil is now being called the new olive oil. We don’t know if it will succeed in displacing this protagonist of Mediterranean cuisine, but what is clear is that it comes loaded with incredible properties.

If you still don’t know how avocado oil can fit into your daily diet, this is the ideal article for you. This oil is the perfect ingredient to cook healthy dishes, and its nutrients have a great effect on your health.

Nutritional information of avocado oil

Of course, this oil is mainly composed of oleic, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Although in a very small proportion, this type of oil also contains vitamins of groups A, D and E.

Every 100 grams of oil contains almost 900 calories. It’s true that it sounds like a lot, but we must also bear in mind that it’s consumed in very small quantities. The best way to benefit is by taking an amount that does not exceed two tablespoons per day.

It’s common that, when dressing your dishes with extra olive oil or similar, the taste is modified slightly. One of the main qualities of this oil is that it doesn’t change the taste of food. This depends on the taste of each person, but if it’s not to your liking, we recommend you try this type of oil.

avocado oil

Benefits of avocado oil

Now that we’ve analyzed the nutritional composition of the avocado, it’s necessary to know about its virtues. As you can guess, given its amount of essential fatty acids, it’s a product with a large number of beneficial properties.

Favors weight loss

Used in small quantities, avocado oil promotes weight loss. This is because, although it contains a lot of fats, these are good fats and have multiple benefits. You can use it to dress your salads in a healthy way and as an alternative to sauces.

Helps lower cholesterol

Thanks to its content in monounsaturated fatty acids, avocado oil is an ally in the fight against cholesterol. In fact, avocado oil contributes to lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and raising the good.

Effective against constipation

One of the most unknown benefits of this oil is that it fights constipation. If you suffer from this problem, start seasoning your pasta dishes and salads with this liquid. You’ll notice how your intestinal transit begins to work in a much more regular way.

Prevents cardiac problems

Omega-3 is essential in our daily diets. Our bodies don’t have the capacity to produce Omega-3, that’s why we need to consume it in our food. Including foods rich in omega-3 (such as this oil) helps to prevent heart disease and many other health problems.

Much more than a kitchen ingredient

So far, we’ve discussed the properties of avocado oil in relation to its consumption. However, you should know that this beneficial product isn’t only used for cooking. It’s increasingly common to find avocado oil in beauty products and hair masks.

avocado oil

Benefits for the skin

The application of creams rich in avocado oil has a very positive effect on the skin. These treatments are especially recommended for dry skin, wrinkles or stretch marks.

A good way to use it is by mixing it with salt and making a homemade lotion. You can apply it to the feet to remove dead skin and eliminate the unsightly problem of cracked heels.

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Hair can also take advantage of avocado oil

The next time you buy shampoo, we recommend that you analyze the composition of each bottle and go in search of avocado oil. Avocado oil is great for treating split ends, preventing hair loss and dandruff.

You can make your own hair mask by mixing avocado oil with the juice of half a lemon and one egg yolk. Deeply massage the scalp with this mixture and wrap the hair with a towel. After two hours, you can rinse and dry it as you usually do.

To conclude, we can affirm that it’s a very complete element for the integral well-being of a person. If you still don’t have avocado oil in your home, don’t hesitate to buy some!

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