Benefits of Whole Grain Cereals for Resistance Training

Cereals are an easy and cheap way to consume enough energy for your resistance training session, which involves great effort. For these kinds of workouts, it's fundamental that you cover your nutritional needs and include the proper foods in your meal plan. 
Benefits of Whole Grain Cereals for Resistance Training

Last update: 25 January, 2019

There are multiple benefits of eating whole grain cereals when it comes to resistance training. Firstly, they’re an extraordinary source of energy, which is essential to performance in all training sessions.

In addition to that, whole grain cereals have many more benefits for health in general; from the prevention of diseases, to enabling weight loss and weight maintenance.

The importance of whole grain cereals in resistance training

As we mentioned before, whole grain cereals have many benefits when it comes to resistance training. But, without a doubt, the boost of energy that they provide is the main and most renowned benefit. 

In a balanced diet, cereals are one of the main sources of energy. In other words, it’s an essential food that must be present in everyone’s diet, but especially in the diets of those who are physically active.

The reason why whole grain cereals are a great source of energy is that they’re rich in vitamins, soluble fibers, and minerals. They also provide the nutrients that the body needs in order to perform physical activity.

Recipes with wholegrain cereals.

Consumption of this type of food is also recommended for those who want to lose weight, due to it being low-fat and high in fiber. This last component helps control anxiety, among other such disorders.

Benefits of whole grain cereals

More energy

Whole grain cereals are a great source of energy. In them, you’ll find numerous vitamins and minerals which are key to resistance training. 

It’s important to remember that, unlike the more popular cereals, whole grain cereals don’t endure the refinement processes. As a consequence, this food keeps almost all of its health properties intact.

More fiber

As we see, fiber is another important aspect of whole grain cereals; this nutrient has several purposes and benefits for the body. It improves bowel movement and makes you stay satiated for longer.

This last characteristic is fundamental in order to control your appetite and especially food cravings as a result of stress and anxiety. 

Wholegrain cereals.

Prevention of diseases

Regular consumption of whole grain cereals brings a state of general well-being that is not only short but long term. In addition, it improves performance during training.

Also, these foods are the key to preventing certain diseases, such as heart disease and some types of cancer; especially cancers that develop in the bowel.

Which are the best whole grain cereals?


Rye is one of the best whole grain cereals that you can eat; not only is it low in calories but it’s also rich in folic acid, vitamin A and fiber. An additional benefit is that it’s ideal for reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

Wheat germ

This cereal is perfect for eating at breakfast. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which make it a great ally to control cholesterol levels.

Wheat germ contains proteins that help with muscle recovery. Due to this, it’s highly recommended for athletes.


Oats are one of the most popular and most eaten cereals, consumed by millions of people around the world. The whole grain version of this food must always be present in the diet of an active person.

The reason why so many experts recommend oats, is that they contain slow-release carbohydrates and soluble fibers. These components maintain blood sugar levels and improve bowel issues.

Benefits of oats.


Buckwheat is one of the whole grain cereals with the most benefits for health in general. It’s rich in magnesium and protects the liver. It’s also an excellent ally when it comes to eliminating toxins, absorbing vitamins; plus, it reduces cholesterol and speeds up the metabolism.

In conclusion, whole grains in resistance training are a fundamental element if you want to perform at your best. Its consumption will bring you many health benefits, both in the short and long term.

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