How to Lose Weight with Artichoke Effectively

If you're looking to lose weight, the artichoke might be the ideal food for you. Containing many properties to help with weight loss, you can learn more about the artichoke here.
How to Lose Weight with Artichoke Effectively

Last update: 09 November, 2019

When thinking of healthy foods that also help us to lose weight we consider the artichoke to be at the top of the list. This vegetable is at the center of many diets because of its weight loss properties. In this article, we’ll talk about the secrets of this vegetable. And so, read to learn how to lose weight with artichoke.

Why is the artichoke good for weight loss?

The artichoke is one of the most consumed vegetables in the world thanks to its healthy properties and low caloric content. Being a low-calorie food means that we can eat a lot of it, thus, it’s satiable. Additionally, the artichoke is rich in fiber, which helps digestion.

One of the least known facts about the artichoke is that it contains cynarine. This component helps burn fat and avoids the retention of liquids. Therefore, making it possible and an effective way to lose weight by including artichoke in our diets.

The artichoke is also low in fats, and so it’s adequate for any type of diet.

Therefore, this vegetable is the main food in many modern diets. However, if you want to lose weight with artichoke, remember it’s not a miraculous process. Thus, you must complement your diet with other practices to help you.

The many ways of losing weight with artichoke

The different ways to lose weight with artichoke

You can eat the artichoke in many different ways. In fact, we recommend you vary the recipes with this ingredient and cook it in as many ways different as possible. This will help maintain the artichoke diet for a long time.

And so, here we’ll suggest a few ways that you can lose weight with artichoke simply and quickly.

Artichoke tea

The artichoke tea is perfect to drink in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon. We can calm any feelings of hunger with this tea accompanied by a few cookies or crackers.

And so, to make this tea, we need artichokes, juice from half a lime and a half a liter of water. The process consists of cooking the artichokes until soft, then add the lime juice. Once you’ve done this, drink it warm before each meal, or whenever you’re feeling hungry.

Lose weight with artichoke tea

Artichoke puree

This recipe is perfect for dinner since it’s light but also satiating. To make this puree, you must first boil the artichoke in water. However, it’s important that you only use just enough water to boil it, in order to have a more concentrated puree.

Then, boil some water with cayenne pepper and ginger. Once it boils add the cooked artichoke to the small amount of water that’s left over. The last step is to put everything in a blender and blend to achieve a smooth and thick puree texture.

Try the artichoke puree

Artichoke smoothie

Here we have the artichoke smoothie that’s perfect to start the day and speed up the metabolism. Although you may find it difficult to get used to its flavor in the beginning, we’re sure you’ll love it later.

To make this smoothie start out by cooking one artichoke. Then, mix it with some pineapple, half a dozen almonds, juice from half a lime, and water.

Lose weight with artichoke smoothie

Now that you know how to lose weight with artichoke, make sure to include it into your daily diet. And so, remember that this vegetable has great weight loss properties such as low calories, high fiber, and cynarine.

Additionally, the great recipes in this article will help you vary the way you ingest it, thereby making it more interesting.

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