Losing Weight in a few weeks

Losing weight is generally possible through exercise and dietary changes. If you want to know which workout routines are best for losing weight, don't miss out on our post today!
Losing Weight in a few weeks

Last update: 06 February, 2020

Losing weight in a few weeks is a goal for many. And reducing your waistline is easy if you just stick to some key exercises. In our post today, we want to show you a great routine.

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the most important factors for burning calories. Combining both cardio and strength-training exercises is actually one of the best ways to reach your goal.

But losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t just require exercise. You’ll also need to form good dietary habits too.

The best workout routine for losing weight in a few weeks

If you’re just starting to work out or you don’t have a good handle on routines, you might struggle in creating a good calorie-burning workout routine. If that’s your case, don’t worry: it’s time to get started. Below, we have the best workout routine for losing weight.

1. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are popular among people in all stages of fitness. They also come in all kinds of variations and allow you to focus on each muscle in the region.

In our post, we want to show you one of the simplest ways of working out your abs with a popular exercise.

Get started by laying down on your back. Look upwards towards the ceiling and bend your knees, firmly planting your feet on the ground. Next, bring both hands up to your head and use your abs to bring your upper body upwards. You’ll really feel the burn after a few reps!

2. Cardio

Cardio is hands down the best way to lose weight. Considering how effective it is, you should always include it in your weight-loss routines. Examples include indoor cycling or rowing machines.

But staying motivated and keeping up with the intensity of cardio workouts isn’t always easy.

losing weight routines cardio

If you enjoy exercising outside, getting your cardio in is even easier. There are so many cardio exercise options that you can try, such as running or biking. We encourage you to get out there and discover which one is best for you!

3. Push-ups

If you’re looking for a bodyweight exercise that helps you burn calories and tone your body at the same time, push-ups are a great option. They’re simple yet effective. And the best part about push-ups is that there are thousands of variations to keep your workout fresh and entertaining.

The traditional push-up requires you to distribute your weight on to your hands and feet while keeping your body in a straight line. Once you’re in position, it’s time to get started.

You need to be able to hold your own weight. Bend your arms and lower your body. Then, bring it back up and do as many repetitions as you want. If you want an even better workout for your muscles, prop your feet up on an exercise ball.

4. Squats, a must for losing weight

Squats are a classic exercise that should be in every weight-loss routine. They’re practical and simple to do and also come in plenty of variations.

If you want to do classic squats, just start by standing up with your feet a shoulder’s width apart. Then, lightly bend your knees, stretch out your arms and begin your prep for the squat. If you want to increase the difficulty, add some equipment as well.

Now you know the best exercises for building a great routine for losing weight. It’s time to get started and stay motivated. Stay on track and you’ll see results soon!

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