10 Water Aerobics Exercises

Water aerobics are one of the best ways to work out, tone your body and have fun.
10 Water Aerobics Exercises

Last update: 08 September, 2018

Today there are many activities that you can do in the water. In this article, we’ll show you a simple routine with 10 exercise ideas that you can perform while you’re partially submerged in water. This a modality known as water aerobics.

Some of these movements require accessories and others require group interaction; in any case, the important issue is to keep making progress, in a continuous learning process. Water aerobics are also a good gym alternative.

What accessories do water aerobics require?

  • Weights or water aerobics dumbbells
  • Small kickboard
  • Foam rubber cylinders, known as pool noodles or water woggles
  • Water ankle weights
Group of people doing water aerobics.

Points to consider before starting this routine:

  • Wait two hours after eating before you start any water aerobics routine.
  • The pool water temperature should be between 82 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit and the depth should be between four and five feet.
  • If you have an injury, a particular physical condition or illness, you should ask your doctor if you can perform this type of exercises.

Water aerobics routine


  • March for five minutes while you do torsions at the same time. Start at a normal pace and speed up progressively.
  • March lifting your knees, as high as possible, for another five minutes.

Asymmetrical jumps

This exercise doesn’t require any accessories and it mobilizes almost all of your entire body, mainly the upper and lower limbs, buttocks, back, abs and core.

Standing in the pool, jump and lift your left knee and right arm. Then jump again, but this time lift your opposite knee and arm. Start slowly and increase your speed gradually. Repeat this about 20 times.

Board balance

This stunt strengthens your abs and works on your arms, improving your entire muscular system in general; these kinds of activities that use accessories in the pool are very popular.

Sit upright on the kickboard and maintain this position for as long as you can, using only your arms in the water. Try to keep your balance; do this for a few minutes, pause and then repeat. Do it about 10 times.

Group board balance

This stunt is similar to the previous one and it works your torso, arms and abs. Starting in the same position as the previous exercise, the idea is to hold each other’s hands in a circle to maintain your balance.

Submerge and pull out the kickboard

Doing this movement in the right way strengthens your arms. Hold the board with the palms of your hands while keeping your arms straight. Hold the board, submerge it in the water and then pull it out. You’ll feel a lot of resistance when you’re trying to submerge it.

Sit-ups using weights underwater

This exercise strengthens your abs and tones your legs. Hold the dumbbells with your arms down and submerge your body all the way up to your shoulders. Lift and flex your legs up to your chest. In this position, swing your torso back and forth as if you were doing sit-ups. Repeat it 20 times.

Weighted walk

Woman doing a weighted walk.

This part of the routine is designed to strengthen your back and arms. Standing in the water, hold the dumbbells with your arms extended forward. Walk through sections of the pool, while you overcome the resistance of the water against the dumbbells.

Sitting leg lifts

This movement focuses on your abs, torso and legs. Place a pool noodle under your buttocks as if it were a seat, grab the ends of the noodle with your hands. In this position extend both of your legs forward and move them up and down simultaneously, even if they come out of the water. Do 20 repetitions.

Arm openings

This exercise strengthens your pecs and your back; it also tones your arms. Submerged up to your chin while holding the weights, open your arms to form a cross and stretch them outwards as much as you can. Bring your arms in front of you and start opening and closing them, while fighting against the resistance of the water. Perform 20 repetitions.

Swinging jumps

This exercise helps to strengthen your back and elongate and tone your legs. Submerged in the water, extend your arms to the sides of your body while holding the weights and open your legs. Make small jumps while opening and lifting one leg to the side, as far as you possibly can. Check that you’re keeping the weights down. Do 10 repetitions.

Cross kicks

This movement strengthens your buttocks and hips and tightens your waist. While submerged, stand with your legs slightly open and cross one leg in front of the other. Meanwhile, move your extended arms towards the opposite side. Alternate each side and repeat it 10 times.

Stretches to do after water aerobics

Finish off by stretching all of your muscles: limbs, back, torso and abdominal area. This stretching habit can be useful to avoid injuries.

Every exercise routine should be accompanied with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Water aerobics can be complemented with other aqua fitness modalities such as aquajogging, aqua cycling, aqua boxing, aqualates, aquagym, water yoga and aqua zumba.

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