6 Acroyoga Poses for Beginners

Traditional yoga has been adapted with some very visual variations. This is how we arrive at acroyoga, an exercise routine that serves to relax the body and mind. What types of exercises does it include?
6 Acroyoga Poses for Beginners

Last update: 02 September, 2019

Acroyoga is a discipline that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. Acroyoga poses are done in pairs or in groups. This type of physical exercise is good for relaxing the mind and body, taking care of our figures, and staying active.

When practicing in pairs, acroyoga favors communication and trust since each member must notify the other when there’s pain or discomfort while performing the poses.

It’s good to practice this activity with your spouse, significant other, a family member, or a friend. Not only does it improve your health, but it also makes your body more flexible and strengthens relationships. 

Acroyoga poses for beginners are simple. They’re practiced between two people, one is the “base” and the other is the “flyer”. The base stays on the ground and helps the flyer to perform the stunts. Hence, it’s important for the two participants to trust each other.

When you’re just starting out, it’s necessary for an observer to be present as well, of course; someone that makes sure each pose is performed well. Before beginning, you must take into account certain aspects in order for both of you to enjoy the experience:

  • Do the poses gently.
  • Notify your partner if you feel pain or if you’re going to increase the weight load.
  • Warm-up the muscles before performing the poses.
  • Stretch your body afterward.

The 6 simplest acroyoga poses for beginners

To begin with, we’ll show you six acroyoga poses for beginners that’ll be of great help:

1. Bending torso pose

This pose helps to stretch the back muscles. The couple should sit back to back, intertwining elbows. The base stretches and opens the legs while carefully pushing on the flyer, who’ll lean forward while keeping the spine straight.

This pose is good for stretching the back muscles.
Image: mentecuerposano.com

2. Front bird pose: acroyoga poses

The base lays down facing upwards with arms straight along the sides of the body, palms facing up, and slightly flexing the knees. The flyer stands in front of the base setting the hips on the soles of the base’s feet and thrusting forward.

They both have to hold each other’s hands while the base stretches out the legs at a 90-degree angle, thus, raising the flyer upwards. This pose helps to maintain balance. You should remain in that pose for a few seconds, and then the base slowly lowers the legs and sets the flyer on the ground.

The front bird pose will help you improve your balance.

3. Throne pose: acroyoga poses

The base lies on the floor. The flyer stands and places the feet on top of the base’s shoulders. The base takes hold of the flyer’s ankles, lifting their feet towards their buttocks.

Subsequently, the flyer sits on the soles of the base’s feet and the base grabs the soles of the flyer’s feet; first one, then the other.

Finally, the base stretches the arms up and the flyer sits maintaining a straight back. To get down, the base flexes the knees slightly and holds the flyer’s ankles again to set them on the floor.

Acroyoga involves a lot of balance and trust.
Image: shambhalabarcelona.com

Other variations

  • Foot to shin pose: after completing the throne pose, the flyer stands on top of the base’s flexed legs. The flyer then slowly stands up, stretching steadily. Lastly, the base places the legs parallel to the floor.
  • Backbend pose: The base lies on the ground and the flyer stands facing away from the base. The base sets the feet on the back of the flyer and lifts, forming a 90 degree arch with the legs. The flyer grabs the base’s ankles and, after stabilizing, grabs her/his own ankles. To get down, the flyer grabs the base’s ankles again, and the base slowly returns to the starting position.
Performing acroyoga poses is fun.

  • High flying whale pose: the flyer stands facing away from the base with feet on each side of the base’s neck, while the base is lying face up. The base holds the flyer’s ankles while placing the feet on the flyer’s back and thrusts forward. The flyer stretches the entire body and extends the arms. The base stretches the legs at a right angle and raises the arms which also lifts the flyer’s legs.

With these acroyoga poses in mind, you can enjoy exercising to the fullest. It’s a fun movement game that eliminates all the stress you accumulated during the day. It’s worth learning more to practice it!

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