Aerobic Endurance: How to Increase it by Running?

If you love running, you'll already know that it helps to increase aerobic endurance. However, do you know how the process occurs?
Aerobic Endurance: How to Increase it by Running?

Last update: 12 January, 2021

After weeks of practicing, you may notice that your body can give a little more even though you’ve increased the intensity of your workout. This is a clear example of increased aerobic endurance.

You may be wondering what this is, and how you can increase it through your running routines? Even if you don’t know the details of how aerobic endurance occurs, you’re definitely using it in many aspects of your physical life.

What is aerobic endurance?

Aerobic endurance is the body’s ability to perform a prolonged physical activity at moderate or high intensity. Simply put, having good endurance increases the amount of time you have to play a sport before muscle fatigue sets in.

The process is called aerobic endurance because it’s related to the body’s ability to maintain physiological oxygen levels at a suitable point for the development of the activity. In this article, we’ll explain how aerobic endurance is related to running.

How to increase aerobic endurance by running?

Like most physical abilities, aerobic endurance can be stimulated and enhanced. When it comes to jogging or running, you can implement different techniques to enhance your endurance.

So, how can you increase your aerobic endurance? Read along to find out the answer to this important question.

Discipline in training

Running may be your passion and that’s why you may be looking to improve your physical condition through this sport. However, the fact that it’s your passion doesn’t mean that you practice it in a constant and disciplined fashion.

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Remember, it’s not enough to be in love with a sport or to have talent. If you’d like to see progress, you must have organized objectives and goals. Therefore, one of the most important tips for increasing aerobic endurance while running is to be disciplined with your training sessions. This means maintaining regularity and always giving your best effort.

Aerobic endurance: increase progressively

The body adapts to constant stimuli and that’s the function of training. The same concept applies when it comes to aerobic resistance.

If your training sessions are always the same, not only will you fall into the horrible monotony – demotivation, laziness, excuses to stop training – but in addition, you won’t experience all of the positive effects that your exercise can bring.

Therefore, it’s important to progressively increase the length of your training sessions. If you started with 500 or 1,000 meters, increase progressively according to your goals and abilities.

Maintain good habits

It’s not enough to have a well-designed training routine to increase your aerobic endurance. Taking care of yourself and your body, in general, is also essential.

It’s important to maintain healthy eating habits according to your needs. It’s also important to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. These habits will not only contribute to general health, but they’ll also allow for better cardio-respiratory development.

Remember that improving aerobic endurance goes hand in hand with the ability of the heart to pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. In addition, it also favors lung capacity, since it allows the entry of a greater amount of oxygen during breathing.

Rest is very important

Although increasing distances and intensity are part of the recommendations to improve, rest is also a fundamental factor to achieve better results.

A fatigued body only leads to injuries and overthinking. These factors can have a negative effect on your performance. Therefore, it’s important to plan rest sessions during your weekly routine. Although you may want to continue training, in the long run, well-implemented rest sessions are essential.

Focus on technique

You can listen to all the advice related to running to improve, however, if your running technique is inadequate your endurance won’t improve.

Man running aerobic endurance

Therefore, it’s important to focus on the technique. In addition to helping you in competitions, proper technique will also allow you to go further and further while training.

Aerobic endurance will improve if you train well

We can conclude that aerobic endurance is something that can be improved progressively. In fact, even if you’re an amateur, you’ll be able to notice your progress every week if you keep track of your times and routes.

Beyond all the issues related to sports, keep in mind that you need to find a balance in your habits in order for your body to increase its endurance. Increasing your aerobic endurance is also a great way to improve your general health and to prevent various diseases.

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