Learn About Gym Equipment for CrossFit

No one can deny that CrossFit is the latest trend or that most trainers and instructors use specific equipment for CrossFit routines. However, we can also take advantage of regular gym equipment too. Read more to find out about alternative CrossFit gym equipment. 
Learn About Gym Equipment for CrossFit

Last update: 04 November, 2019

You may wonder if there is alternative gym equipment for CrossFit? The answer is yes, and we are going to tell you everything you need to know. Even though it may seem as if some gym equipment is unrelated to CrossFit, it can be practiced in the same areas of the gym and with regular equipment.

Perhaps the CrossFit equipment in your gym isn’t adequate or maybe you are bored and want to add some cardio to your work out routine? If so, here are some options:

1. Disks

Kettlebell weights are used for many exercises in CrossFit. It’s not necessary to buy something so specific, as the idea is to lift weight and perform certain movements, with the arms, for example.

One option is to hold one of the disks (that you put on the bar) with both hands. Then, stand up with your knees slightly bent and your arms in front of the body.  Lower your torso and put your arms behind you, so that the disk can pass between the legs. Then, raise the arms and lift the weight above the head.

2. Dumbbells

These are often used in gyms and are appropriate to use with CrossFit training. For the following exercise that we’ll describe, you’ll need two dumbbells. Place them on the floor with a space between them.

Lean down and take one in each hand, without lifting them off of the floor at all. Bend the elbows and complete as many repetitions as you like.

3. Weight cage

One type of gym equipment that’s used for CrossFit and is useful, is known as the cage. This is a structure to hold the weights while you perform all kinds of exercises.

Instead of using the bars, you can use the top part of the structure to perform chin-ups.  This will help you work the biceps and the triceps, as well as the dorsal muscles in the back. At first, it may be a bit difficult, but you’ll be able to increase the repetitions with practice.

4. The Bench for CrossFit

This is another item in the gym that we can also use for CrossFit. Use it to do planks and push-ups. It’s as simple as laying on the edge of the bench with your palms and the forearms on the floor.

5. Barbells

Finding regular gym equipment that you can use in CrossFit routines is easier than you may think. Use a typical bar (with weight or without)  to perform squats, dead weight or lifting with your arms. These are very common exercises to perform with a cardio routine and no special gym equipment is necessary.

The barbells are useful in CrossFit as well as in conventional weight lifting.

6. Exercise bands

Of course, we can’t exclude this item for cardio in the gym! During CrossFit you can run outside or even, train in your living room and exercise bands are allowed. They can be used before exercise to warm up the muscles, to relax at the end of a routine, or even in the middle of the session.

7. Quadricep machine

As you are discovering, there’s a lot of gym equipment that we can use to perform CrossFit. We just need to know the exercises and the uses for each one. With the quadricep machine we can lift weights and help the lower body get into shape and build strength to complete the demanding routine.

Don’t forget to use the quadriceps machine during your Crossfit training. It’s very effective and demanding.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.