Six Types of Shoe for CrossFit

If we want to practice CrossFit safely, we must choose the right type of footwear that's designed specifically for this discipline.
Six Types of Shoe for CrossFit

Last update: 04 November, 2019

Choosing the right shoes for CrossFit involves health and economic factors. A good shoe will allow for proper stability and grip, and help you to avoid injuries. In addition, it will last much longer than an ordinary shoe.

The intensity, strength, speed, and precision that this sport requires, demands a specially structured sneaker. Some essential points to consider are: the right materials, the shape of the insole and the sole and the positioning of your foot.

Favorite CrossFit Shoes


1- The company launched Nike Metcon 4 at the end of 2017, and it’s the star of the brand this year. It’s based on Metcon 3 and 2, with substantial improvements that make it an excellent shoe for training.

Nike shoes for CrossFit

It’s a model that also lends itself to strength exercises. It offers a comfort that’s hard to match. It could be said that they are like a glove for the feet. The upper mesh is flexible, breathable and comfortable and is reinforced with the new haptic technology.

With its excellent cushioning and sizing, the Metcon 4 improves upon the previous Metcon versions. Specialists in the field say that it combines the best of a pure running shoe, with a training shoe. For this reason, it’s a very complete shoe.

2- Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit, is another Nike model designed for multi functional performance. Especially useful for more metabolic workouts, it introduces improvements to Metcon 3.

This model maintains the technology of the high-end sneakers found in this brand. They are very comfortable and light. The height of the heel increases, reaching 6 mm of drop (difference in height between the heel and the toe).


3- Reebok Nano 7, is the multi functional line from their CrossFit brand. It’s a lightweight shoe and is suitable for any type of CrossFit routine. It performs perfectly in high-intensity training and its structure and, especially, the heel inclination, makes it suitable for use when combining CrossFit with weightlifting.

Two pair of Reebok shoes for CrossFit.

4- Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 Weave, is the latest version of this model. Reebok created this model in response to suggestions from users of this brand. Without any extreme changes, this model improves the breathability and flexibility of the sole. Also, the heel format is a little different and has less plastic.

The manufacture of these shoes is with nanoweave fabric– resembling cloth, but it’s very resistant. It’s generally reinforced in the high impact areas, to avoid breakage and extend its useful life.

The main characteristic of this shoe are its adaptability to all types of feet. It’s in high demand by athletes with feet issues, such as bunions, calcareous spurs, hammer toes, and calluses.


5- This leading brand of sneakers released the Adidas crazy-train elite. It’s the 2018 model, a complete CrossFit shoe that allows for exercise on asphalt or in the gym. It responds brilliantly to the demands and movements of this discipline.

This model incorporates, “boost to running technology”. This is the cushioning mechanism that Adidas has created. It uses thermoplastic polyurethane particles incorporated in the midsole.

Thousands of pellets of granulated material balance energy. They keep the force that’s generated, in the cushioning that supports the foot on the ground, and release it at the moment of “take off”. Thus, they produce a pleasant and comfortable rebound effect.


6- Inov 8 F-Lite 250, is the great unknown of the CrossFit world of fame. It’s a brand that is beginning to integrate into this sport and it’s growing steadily.

Structurally it’s a good shoe. The sole is made of pressed EVA rubber, with 15 mm in the heel area, and 7 mm in the front part. It’s a very stable design with excellent cushioning. The upper fabric has a double layer, an inner mesh that’s open and another denser interior.

It’s the ideal model for those who don’t want to change shoes for CrossFit and weightlifting. A shoe that lends itself perfectly to both activities.

All the shoes that we have seen are excellent performance shoes, and provide an optimal relationship between quality and price. Which pair you choose will depend on your personal taste, and how much you want to invest in your footwear.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.