Core Fusion Extreme Exercises

Core Fusion Extreme is a fun way to get the fast results we want. Discover what it is and how to get started.
Core Fusion Extreme Exercises

Last update: 04 May, 2019

The intense name might make you hesitant, but Core Fusion Extreme is a workout that’s gaining popularity worldwide thanks to its amazing results. In our post today, we’ll explain what it is and some of its main exercises.

What is Core Fusion Extreme?

Core Fusion Extreme is a relatively new workout and not many gyms offer it yet. It’s a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class where exercises require participants to give it their all during a very short amount of time.

By training in intervals, heart rates remain stable throughout the entire session, maximizing the body’s fat burn. The name of the workout itself, Core Fusion Extreme, might make us think of an exercise that’s too difficult and only appropriate for those already in top shape. However, anyone can try a class and follow the workout as they can, and progressively pick up the pace.

Core Fusion Extreme rooms are divided into stations and the routine changes every time (classes are always different). Many exercises use participants’ own body weight while others might use TRX straps or even workout boxes or kettlebells.


Core Fusion Extreme starts out with a warm-up and the course instructor explains the stations. After, the participants start at their first station and do 2 sets, 40 seconds each, and take a 20-second break in the middle. After finishing the station, they switch when the instructor tells them to and repeat until they’ve finished the entire course twice.

Examples of Core Fusion Extreme exercises

As we described earlier, each class or session of Core Fusion Extreme is different and rides on the creativity of the instructor. However, some exercises that you might find in a routine are:

1. X Sit-ups

Lay down face up on the floor or a mat. Stretch out your arms and legs to make an X-shape with your body. Lift your right leg as you lift your left arm and slightly turn your torso.

In X sit-ups, you need to touch the elevated leg with both hands and hold that position for two seconds. After, return to the original position and repeat on the other leg.

2. Cross-leg push ups

This is a top Core Fusion Extreme exercise and can be a bit intense for beginners. To start, lay face down and stretch your legs out. Lift yourself up onto your palms and the tips of your toes, keeping the rest of your body suspended in mid-air.

Extend your arms and pull your behind upwards. Move your right leg towards the left side, in front of your left leg. Hold for a few seconds, return to the original position and do a push-up. Follow by repeating on the opposite side.

3. Running in place combo

Here’s another Core Fusion Extreme exercise that requires a bit of balance and coordination. Start this exercise as follows: standing with your legs separated at shoulder width, lower your torso and bring it to your right side so that your left-hand touches the floor as close to your right foot as possible. Repeat on the other side.

core fusion extreme 4

Now stand up again, and run in place, bringing your knees up to your chest as if you were running a race, 30 repetitions. Repeat the workout.

4. Load and explode

Our last exercise calls for dumbbells, disks or any other kind of weight. Start by standing with your legs together and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bring your arms up above your head so that the dumbbells touch mid-air.

After, bend your knees and elbows, lowering yourself into a squat. That’s the first repetition. Bring your torso back up quickly.

Being a HIIT workout, Core Fusion Extreme has plenty of benefits. For example, the sessions are short, reaching a maximum of 30 minutes. It’s great for people who don’t have much free time!

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