Home Exercise Routine for Women: What You Need to Know

If you want to know the best exercises for building strength at home, take note! This home exercise routine for women is highly effective.
Home Exercise Routine for Women: What You Need to Know

Last update: 27 November, 2018

Women looking to get in shape should take into consideration that they can exercise without going to the gym. In fact, they can work out at home. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best home exercise routine for women.

This home exercise routine for women is very simple. Of course, we also recommend a healthy diet and supplementary cardio to ensure you get the best possible results.

The best home exercise routine for women

This effective home workout for women includes the following exercises:

1. Chest push-ups

The first exercise in the routine is chest push-ups. It’s a great option for strengthening the arms, the back, the abs, the chest and the glutes at all once.

Woman doing push-ups

To do this chest push-up correctly, you need to start face down on the ground, using your hands and feet as contact points. Position your hands wider than your shoulders, and your knees behind your hips. Then, bend the elbows and lower the chest and hips until the elbows reach a 90-degree angle. Finally, push off your hands to lift the chest and hips back to the starting position.

2. Planks

Secondly, we present another great exercise you can do at home: planks. Simple and efficient, planks allow for a full-body workout, with special emphasis on the shoulders, arms, and of course – the abdomen. If done correctly they also serve to strengthen the obliques, the glutes, and the hips. The benefits of planks include proper posture, increased strength in the torso, and toned glutes.

Start face down as though you’re doing a chest push-up, but using your elbows for support. Your whole body should be in a straight line. Once you’re aligned, hold the pose for as long as you can. It may be a good idea to do the exercise in front of a mirror to ensure you’re in the right posture. Also, breathe slowly and deeply to make the pose more comfortable.

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”

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3. Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises for strengthening the quads, the glutes, and the abs. In addition, it can help alleviate knee pain by strengthening the muscles without any impact on the joints.

Performing a repetition is very simple. All you have to do is stand with your feet hip-width apart, move your arms forward, and bend at the waist as if you’re trying to sit in a chair. Ensure that your knees aren’t moving forward; they should remain behind the toes while the legs stay parallel with the ground. Return to the starting position by pushing off the heels and lifting the glutes.

4. Jumping rope

The fourth part of this home exercise routine offers a variety of benefits. You just need a jump rope, a lot of motivation, and a little coordination in order to increase the difficulty level. In addition, this exercise is great for burning calories and improving your overall physical condition. It’s a fun, full-body workout that will especially help to tone your lower body.

Woman jumping rope

Don’t forget to keep your body straight while jumping, with your gaze trained forward. Your legs should be slightly bent, and the arms shouldn’t be too open. You need to coordinate the jumps every time the rope nears the ground. Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble at first. We’re confident you’ll improve after just a few days of practice.

5. Triceps push-ups

The last part of this home exercise routine is triceps push-ups, addressing an area that concerns many women. It’s a great exercise in terms of all you need is something you can use for support. It’s very simple to do, and the most important element is increasing the number of repetitions.

To perform this exercise, place your hands on the edge of a chair, with your feet on the ground. Bend the elbows and lower the upper body, stopping just before the hips touch the ground. Extend your arms and push off your heels in order to return to the starting position.

Finally, remember that the key to this home exercise routine for women is performing a proper warm-up. This will help you to avoid injury.

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