How to Reduce Flaccidity and Have a Toned Body

In many cases an unhealthy lifestyle can have a negative effect on your body even if you exercise. In this article we'll share four key tips to becoming toned.
How to Reduce Flaccidity and Have a Toned Body

Last update: 28 April, 2019

Flaccidity is the reduction of the skin’s firmness. Read along to discover great tips and techniques to eliminate it.

Flaccidity is nothing more than the loss of muscle tone. The medical term for flaccidity is hypotonia, in certain cases, it can be considered to be a symptom of other diseases.

Keep in mind, however, that having flaccid legs or arms can be due to a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle or low levels of elastin and collagen. Therefore, it’s time to get to work and reduce flaccidity with the following tips.

Tips to reduce flaccidity

More movement

Having a sedentary lifestyle will not help you to become toned. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll have to say goodbye to having a toned body. Physical activity can help strengthen muscles and reduce flaccidity.

There are many options to exercise during the day that doesn’t take a lot of time. Examples include exercises such as HIT, LISS or Zumba fitness. You’ll have to be constant with your regimen if you’d like to see improvements in your physical condition.

Experts also recommend performing cardiovascular exercises in order to eliminate fat that accumulates on the muscles. The more fat you burn, the more toned you’ll become. By performing cardiovascular exercises you’ll also eliminate more toxins which will help your skin look healthier.

In addition, it’s important to perform toning exercises that’ll help to strengthen your musclesExercises that use weights can be ideal and so can exercises such as swimming and the use of elastic bands.

Woman with abdominal fat

Healthy food, happy body

The consumption of foods that are high in fats, sugars, and preservatives can be harmful to your health. These diets are not recommended if your goal is to become toned. You’ll have to maintain a healthy, balanced diet that provides all of the nutrients that your body needs.

Excessively sweet and fatty foods should be eliminated from your diet. You’ll notice that your body will work a lot better afterward. You can consume foods that contain fats and sugars but only in moderation. If you have a choice, try to select healthier options.

Try to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and proteins into your diet. These elements will help you maintain the firmness of your skin and muscles. Foods such as tuna, avocado, turkey, oranges and kiwis are perfect for muscle development and the maintenance of skin elasticity.

Skin care

Factors such as diet and exercise are key when it comes to keeping muscles toned, however, the care you give your skin can also influence its elasticity.

Cellulite and stretch marks, for example, are usually found in areas that are flaccid. These conditions usually require special skin care. Try to nourish your skin from the inside with what you eat and from the outside with lotions that contain vitamins C, E, and D.

Keep in mind that exposing your skin to harsh environmental conditions can weaken its tissues. That is why it’s important to pay attention to your body and skin in order to keep it firm and smooth.


Once you decide to reduce flaccidity, it’s important to be consistent with your healthy lifestyle. In other words, it’s important to carry on with your healthy diet, exercise and skin care constantly. 

Couple workout

Being constant is extremely important for the following reasons:

  • When you start to eat healthier and exercise, the results will begin to show. If you’re not constant, you will not achieve any progress.
  • Once your skin is firm and your body begins to tone, you’ll have to adopt your new healthy habits as a way of life in order to maintain your progress.

If you put into practice all of the elements we mentioned to reduce flaccidity and eliminate your old habits of eating junk food and a sedentary lifestyle, your body will slowly regain its flaccidity.

Having a toned body will only depend on your desire and conviction to achieve it. As you have read, all you need to do is eat healthily, do exercise and take care of your skin, the rest will come on its own. Say goodbye to flaccidity and hello to a toned body!

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