Is Padel an Expensive Sport?

24th November 2019
Many people consider padel to be an expensive sport, but is this really true? In our post today, we'll analyze the costs involved.

Many people associate padel with the wealthy. Despite the significant increase in people who play padel in recent years, there are still those who believe they can’t play because of the costs. In our post today, we’ve calculated all the costs of getting started in this sport.

Padel racket: the main piece of equipment

As it’s only logical, let’s start with the racket. You probably already know that padel requires a specific type of racket. As it has characteristics that are unique to other racket sports, you have to buy one for classes and games.

If you’ve ever browsed a sports store before, you’ve probably noticed that padel rackets range in price. And maybe you noticed that most of them have hefty price tags.

But you can buy a quality racket later when you need it. To start, you’ll just need a racket that meets your needs.

You can find a good racket for no more than 33 dollars and it’ll withstand all your practices and marches. When looking for a racket, think about the following qualities to make a good choice:

  • Lightweight: you’re just starting out, so your body won’t be used to heavier rackets. A light racket is the best option to start becoming used to the different movements in padel.
  • Round form: round rackets are much easier to use. Thus they’re more suitable for beginners.
padel beginner

Padel: the right clothing

If you already exercise regularly, you won’t need to purchase sportswear for padel. Just wear whatever you wear for the gym. Clothing should be comfortable and breathable. Keep in mind that padel implies a lot of movement and, naturally, sweating.

Leggings, shorts, and t-shirts are popular options. But if you love sportswear, feel free to buy comfortable, trendy items. Sportswear varies in price depending on the brand and quality.

Let’s move on to footwear. While there are specific models for padel, they’re not essential and even less so if you don’t play regularly. A good pair of comfortable tennis shoes will suffice. Make sure that they keep your feet snug and secure while featuring a ribbed sole to prevent slips and skids on the court.

But if you want to buy padel shoesyou can find good options for under 50 dollars.

How much does it cost to reserve a padel court?

Up until a few years ago, it wasn’t easy to find a padel court. Not many gyms had them and as a result, reservation fees were costly. But today, many sports centers and gyms offer the option which has lowered the fees considerably.

Many factors go into the price: where you live, the quality and size of the courts or installations. In addition, prices usually vary depending on the time or day of the week.

In any case, if you’re just looking to reserve a court for you and your friends, you can usually find one for around 30 dollars an hour. Between four people, that’s not a bad deal.

As for classes, padel classes don’t usually exceed 30 dollars per hour. Look for a group class for more economical options.

padel classes


After reading our post, you’ll have no reason to continue believing that padel is an expensive sport! If you compare it to a gym membership or being on a soccer team, the prices are pretty reasonable. We just recommend starting off slowly and using budget-friendly materials.

After time, if you really enjoy it and find yourself playing more, you can always upgrade your equipment.


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