Online Fitness Accounts to Follow During Quarantine

27th May 2020
To work out during the quarantine, you can follow some Instagram accounts and exercise at home. Here are our favorites!

Don’t let being at home ruin your training! You can work out at home and follow various online fitness accounts during the quarantine. We’ll tell you which online fitness accounts to follow on social media in the following article!

Follow these online fitness accounts during the quarantine

Being at home can be a problem when working out; especially if you’re used to exercising outdoors or in the gym. However, some good news during the coronavirus pandemic is that many trainers are teaching free classes on their social media platforms.

It’s possible and more than recommended to work out during quarantine. Some online fitness accounts that you can follow these days are:

1. Diego Calvo: accounts to follow during the quarantine

His account is @diegocalvoofficial and he’s one of the most famous personal trainers in Los Angeles. In his workouts, he combines cardio with weights, but during the quarantine period, he’s offering routines that allow you to replace gym equipment with whatever you have at home.

In the videos and live shows that he performs via his Instagram account, he demonstrates exercises to strengthen the abs, burn fat and reduce calories, all from home!

2. Paula Ordovas

Paula Ordovas is a fitness influencer who offers fun ideas to work out during quarantine, such as training with toilet paper rolls. From her home in Madrid, she posts many messages of self-improvement, in addition to creative cooking recipes.

3. Isabel del Barrio

Her account is @onmytrainingshoes and she uploads a video to Instagram TV every week in which she explains various techniques. For example, she gives basic tips to train with TRX ropes, running techniques and dead-lift exercises.

A woman following different Instagram accounts to work out during quarantine

Isabel has a book called, Running is Something Else. You can also find her on her YouTube channel, with more than 85 training videos of the most diverse topics: flexibility, abs, runners, etc.

4. Reto 48: accounts to follow during the quarantine

A group of trainers from Madrid are offering a functional training program for 48 consecutive days. Although, we hope we really don’t have to be in quarantine for this amount of time!

They also launched the EnCasaConReto48 section, in which they offer different recipes, short exercise videos and beauty and aesthetic tips in highlighted stories on Instagram.

5. Esther and Gemma Pineda

You probably know them as, ‘The Pin Twins’. Their Instagram account is @gemelas_pin. Esther and Gemma are recording videos on the terrace of their house. They show exercises that you can do whether you have gym equipment or not.

In the routines, you can see one of them using dumbbells while the other uses bottles of detergent for the same exercise. They also participate in the #yomemuevoencasa initiative. This means that several times a week, they go live on Instagram for those who want to do a complete HIIT class.

6. Lorena: accounts to follow during the quarantine

She’s a personal trainer and influencer on social media (@lorenaonfit on Instagram). Besides finding glutes, abs and, full-body routines, you can also find step-by-step recipes in her profile.

And not only that, but you can also watch the videos on her YouTube channel. If you want to work out during the quarantine, follow her account.

7. David Kirsh

Did you know that Kirsh is one of the favorite personal trainers of celebrities? For example, he’s helped Jennifer Lopez tone her abs, and worked on Liv Tyler’s full body.

In his account @davidkirsh, he associates his workouts with a chain of Gyms (McFit). But during the quarantine, he uploads routines daily so that you sweat as much as possible from your living room or balcony. You can’t miss it!

A smiling man doing dumbbell pushups at home

8. Kayla Itsines: a great program to work out during quarantine

This trainer teaches us that you can exercise from anywhere, including at home. Her BBG program requires minimal equipment, and therefore it’s perfect for people who may already be training at home. However, you can replace any element with whatever you have available.

On her @kayla_itsines account, she launched a beginner exercise special from home, using a chair and dumbbells as the only pieces of equipment (apart from a mat or a similar support surface).


If you’ve never exercised, this is a good time to start. Try to do it slowly and begin with easy exercises. On the other hand, if you miss working out during quarantine, take advantage of having expert trainers available who are offering their services for free online. Stay active!

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