The Benefits of Training with a Fit Ball

Training with a fit ball has amazing benefits. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this accessory and the ways you can use it to perform different exercises.
The Benefits of Training with a Fit Ball

Last update: 14 November, 2019

The famous fit ball is a ball specifically designed for physical and athletic training. However, it’s also a common tool in physical therapy, Pilates, rehabilitation and other disciplines. Training with a fit ball has many benefits, which is why we want to use this article to tell you about the most important ones.

The fit ball is an extraordinary piece of equipment that allows people on every level of physical condition to perform numerous exercises. Among other things, the ball forces you to change positions frequently to keep your balance.

Training this way not only adds a nice element to a standard physical conditioning plan, but it also has important benefits for your body. They’re mostly based on the unstable surface of the ball, which requires greater activation of the musculature.

The best part about this tool is that it’s so versatile that both beginner and experienced athletes can use it. On top of that, adding a fit ball to your exercise routine will undoubtedly help to vary your daily workouts.

The best benefits of training with a fit ball

In the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you in detail about the best benefits of training with a fit ball. Keep them in mind the next time you use this element!

1. Use a fit ball to work out anywhere

Luckily, you don’t need to go to a gym to work out with a fit ball. As a matter of fact, it’s a piece of very cheap equipment, which is why you can buy one and train pretty much anywhere. With a fit ball, there’s no reason to skip your scheduled workouts.

2. Training with a fit ball improves your balance and coordination

Training with a fit ball allows you to improve both of these abilities significantly. The different exercises that you can do with this ball, work on the stabilizer muscles that surround your joints. This way, it protects you from injuries and ensures that your movements are smooth and coordinated.

A personal trainer helping an older man to use a fit ball in his training routine

With a fit ball, your body has to constantly readjust against gravity. This translates into an improved capacity to keep your balance and coordination during the fit ball exercises.

As a consequence, you’ll find it a lot easier to lift weights, and you’ll be able to walk more efficiently and deal with possible muscle imbalances.

3. Toned muscles are another benefit of training with a fit ball

Besides the benefits we’ve listed so far, there’s also an added advantage for your physical condition. This equipment allows you to work and tone all the muscles in your body. It also provides extra difficulty for your training routine.

The instability of the ball stimulates the activation of your postural muscles; it provides a beneficial movement to train your lower back, abs and pelvic muscles. This, in turn, keeps them strong and satisfies the demands of our daily lives.

4. Gain more flexibility

Using a fit ball in your workouts can help you to become more flexible. Whether it’s to perform a good warm-up before your session or to perform the stretches that finish your routine, the ball can contribute to exercising the muscles in your body and prevent injuries.

5. Improve your posture, one of the greatest benefits of training with a fit ball

If you’re looking for an ideal piece of equipment to improve your posture, this ball is the right choice for you. Using this ball will allow you to correct your posture and easily fix your physical imbalances. At the same time, it promotes muscle conditioning.

A woman training with a fit ball at her home

6. Strengthened abdominal muscles

Lastly, it’s important to mention that this piece of equipment also allows us to activate and exercise the abdomen muscles. As we’ve mentioned before, the unstable surface of the ball forces the central muscles to exert an additional effort to keep your whole body in balance while you perform each exercise.

It’s a truly beneficial effect since the abdomen muscles are important to maximize the strength you apply during the movements. They also help to minimize the impact on your joints, caused by activities such as running or lifting weights.

In a nutshell, training with a fit ball has countless benefits. Now that you know about them, it’s time to plan your routine with the inclusion of some simple exercises and start working on it.

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