Exercising is the Best Solution to Fight Stress

If you want to fight stress, some sports are better than others. We'll tell you more about which ones in the following article, so you can choose your favorite and release some tension!
Exercising is the Best Solution to Fight Stress

Last update: 09 November, 2019

Exercising to fight stress is highly advisable, alongside making some changes in your daily routine. We want to take advantage of this article to tell you the influence that exercise has in order to fight stress. Don’t forget to take notes and find out more below!

Playing sports influences your hormones significantly since your body releases a wave of endorphins. Endorphins allow you to immerse yourself in a state of well-being and improve your mood to face the difficulties you may encounter on a daily basis.

Playing a sport decreases your adrenaline levels, the hormone linked to stress. In fact, exercising acts as a real antidepressant, so we consider it to be the best solution to fighting stress. To let off steam, forget your problems or escape your daily routine, exercising really is the best alternative.

Exercising to fight stress

The causes of stress are many: health, family problems, professional life, etc. When it’s controllable, stress is something normal that keeps us alert.

However, when stress becomes incessant, and we feel that we can no longer control the situation, it can cause chronic disorders such as anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and back pain, among others. All this, of course, decreases the quality of life of the person feeling stressed.

Exercising forces people to focus on something other than negative thoughts, work, or domestic problems. Fortunately, it gives us the possibility of releasing tensions and channeling energy. Therefore, it’s the healthiest way to avoid stressful situations and mitigate their consequences.

To help you find the right sport or exercise, we’ve prepared a selection of activities that’ll help to keep you calm and combat daily stress. Check them out and choose your favorite!

Which is the best exercise to fight stress?

1. Swimming

Among the most effective sports to combat stress, swimming is one of those that significantly increases your level of serotonin, which is the hormone that regulates stress.

As with other water sports, swimming is especially recommended to combat impulses or nervousness due to fatigue at the end of the day. When you’re swimming at your own pace, you become aware of your breathing, and you exercise your muscles without compromising your joints.

Exercising to fight stress: swimming

2. Running: a great exercise to fight stress

Running is one of the best activities to clear the mind; it exercises all of your muscles and fights stress. While running, your entire cardiovascular system is activated, and endorphins are released.

At the end of your running session, you’ll notice that your mind is much more relaxed and you’ll feel inner calmness. Besides running, we recommend that you do resistance sports to relieve stress, such as walking, swimming, or cycling.

Exercising to fight stress: running

3. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a powerful exercise to fight stress. As a discipline, it consists of combining punches and controlled kicks. You can enjoy a reasonably rigorous workout in a kickboxing class, and that’s just one of its excellent benefits.

Training kickboxing regularly helps improve balance, flexibility, and coordination. It’s also an excellent way to resolve frustration by giving you an outlet to release energy and anger, which in turn can relieve stress.

Exercising to fight stress: kickboxing

4. Yoga: exercising to fight stress

This exercise is the perfect exercise for those who are always stressed because it allows you to release tension through exercise and controlled breathing. This exercise involves a series of postures that are combined with deep breathing exercises.

Yoga is the best way to reduce stress. It has two main advantages; the first is that it relaxes you immediately, thanks to the intense concentration required to do yoga. And, the second, is that it reduces the levels of cortisol, which, in the long run, reduces stress.

Exercising to fight stress: yoga

Finally, we want to remind you that practicing outdoor sports allows you to empty your mind, think about other things, and free yourself from stress. Don’t forget that you should always start gradually when you’re just starting off. You shouldn’t be collapsing after a few minutes of an extremely intense exercise! So, what’re you waiting for? Choose your favorite exercise and fight stress!

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