Buenos Aires Sports Tour

Buenos Aires is a city where you can enjoy various sports. The city is wellknown for soccer, boxing, polo, horse racing and tennis.
Buenos Aires Sports Tour

Last update: 12 June, 2020

Argentina is a soccer-loving country, however, the country also stands out for certain sports. The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is the perfect place for a sports tour. In the following article, we’ll share a few must-see locations.

Which sports venues can you visit in Buenos Aires?

If you plan on traveling to Buenos Aires and are a fan of a particular sport or of sports in general, the city has many interesting options that are perfect for you. The following are a few examples:

Boca Juniors Stadium

This is the home stadium of the Boca Juniors Athletic Club. Also known as ‘La Bombonera’, the stadium is located in the famous La Boca neighborhood. The area is renowned for its colorful houses.

They say you shouldn’t die without attending a Boca Juniors match at their home stadium! However, if there are no games during your visit, you can opt for a guided tour.


The Boguense Passion Museum houses many exhibits pertaining to the history of the club. The exhibitions include trophies, t-shirts, photographs and much more. The highlight of the visit is getting to walk through the stands, changing rooms, benches, press room, and pitch.

River Plate Stadium

The stadium for the second largest team in Argentina is in the Nuñez neighborhood and it’s known as ‘El Monumental’. Inaugurated in 1938, it’s been renovated several times since. The latest renovation work took place during the 1978 world cup which was also held in Argentina.


The River Museum contains many club treasures that allow visitors to go back in time to learn about the history and personality of the soccer club. The visit also includes a tour of the soccer field.

Oscar and Juan Galvez Racetrack

Apart from soccer, Argentina is also well-known for its racing culture. Named in honor of two of the most important drivers in the history of local racing, the Galvez brothers.


Nowadays, the racetrack hosts National Road Tourism races however, it used to serve as a Formula One racetrack. It was inaugurated in 1952 and since then it’s been a place of rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet. This is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend full of motorsport joy.

Argentine Polo Field

Although it’s not a massive sport, polo has brought a lot of joy to Argentina over the years. This polo field is located in the Palermo neighborhood and it’s also known as ‘La Catedral’. Tournaments such as the Argentine Open and other international competitions have been held here since 1928.

The polo stadium is also used as a space for musical shows. Artists who have performed here include Phil Collins, Metallica, Luis Miguel, Paul McCartney, KISS and Shakira.

Luna Park Stadium

Although Luna Park Stadium is mostly known for boxing, it also hosts basketball games. The stadium also hosted the wedding of the greatest soccer player of all time: Diego Armando Maradona.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA: The Luna Park (pictured here on September 20, 2012) is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s one of the most important music halls.

The Luna Park Stadium which is located in the center of Buenos Aires. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Sports Palace’, it’s a popular venue for concerts and other events. The stadium has hosted many well-known personalities including Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Carlos Monzon, and Nicolino Locche.

Palermo Racecourse

Located in the Palermo neighborhood, the Palermo Racecourse holds a special place in horse racing history in Buenos Aires. The racetrack has a 2,400 – meter long sand track and a 2,200 – meter lawn.

Palermo has hosted many important events including the National Grand Prix every November. Every year, it hosts more than one hundred races.

There are other iconic stadiums in Buenos Aires that include Lawn Tennis, The Rock Park, The Olympic Village in the old City Park, the Buenos Aires City Club, the CeNARD, and The Paseo de la Gloria.


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