Sergio Agüero: Distinguished Footballer

The Argentine forward is already one of the most experienced players in Europe, always delivering good results, season after season.
Sergio Agüero: Distinguished Footballer

Last update: 29 May, 2019

The Manchester City historic goal-scorer has arrived in England to write history. After leading his team to its first Premier League after more than forty years, he’ll seek to conquer Europe hand in hand with “Pep” Guardiola. Sergio Agüero is a man touched by a magic wand.

Sergio Agüero was only fifteen years old, better known as “Kun”, when he made his debut in Argentine Primera Division Football League. He did it playing for Independiente de Avellaneda, the team of his heart. He broke the record held by Diego Maradona: he was the youngest player to play in the highest category of Argentine football.

Despite being one of the best teams (it has seven Copa Libertadores Cups), Agüero could not enjoy an organized Independiente. Sinking in a financial crisis, this saw them lose their category in 2012. The “Reds” were forced to sell their jewel in 2006.

He was transferred to Atletico de Madrid at the end of May, just before the German World Cup in 2006. The transfer fee was 20 million euros, setting a record for both teams at that moment.

His beginnings in Europe

Contrary to what was expected, during his first season, he played the 42 official matches of his club, 27 of them as a starter.

He played five seasons for Atletico: won a UEFA Champions League (2010) and a European Super Cup (2010). His next stop would be Manchester: they paid 45 million euros to hire his services.

Besides dribbling and fantasy plays, he scored a total of 101 goals with the Spanish team, Atletico de Madrid.

Citizen Kun Agüero

In 2011, Sergio Agüero faced a new challenge in his professional career. Once more he proved that changes did not disagree with him. During his first season, he led the team to a championship under Roberto Mancini’s direction.

Hand in hand with Kun and his historic goal scored against Queen Park Rangers, the team snatched the Premier from his longtime rival, Manchester United, and became champion after 44 years. In this competition, he scored 23 times in 34 matches.

His later years with the English team have been equally productive: always above the average “half goal” (0.50) goal per match. His best performance was during the 2013-14 season when he celebrated 28 goals in 34 matches wearing the light blue jersey.

Playing for Manchester City, Agüero accumulates two Premier League, a Community Shield and two English Football League Cups. The team, directed by Josep Guardiola, seems to have the Champions League as an objective and dreams about surprising Europe once and for all.

How does Sergio Agüero play?

Agüero’s playing style has changed over the years. His playing style has gone from being a “small” player, shameless and unbalancing to that of a strong, lethal and capable of fighting against tall defenders.

If we emphasized the three characteristics of “Kun” these would be:

  1. Scorer: since his arrival at City, Sergio Agüero has become a scoring beast. Motivated by his position change (he was moved to playing closer to the goal). His achievements and his playing resemblance have brought upon many comparisons to the Brazilian, Romario, who knew a lot about scoring. His scoring is as diverse as it is accurate.
  2. Technique: the fact he has added strength to his game has allowed him to leave his rivals behind. He hasn’t lost his street playing soul.
  3. Strength and anticipation: these two qualities, definitely improved since his arrival in Europe allowing him to score many goals with headshots. This is a curious fact if you consider his height, a mere 1.73 meters (5 feet 8 inches).

Earning affection from fans

Although it’s something he shares with the Argentina national team players, Agüero is one of the most targeted by the Argentine fans for the poor results of the Argentine team over the last years.

Lionel Messi is excluded from this criticism. However, Sergio Agüero, Angel Di Maria and Gonzalo Higuain are aware they must do much better to earn the affection of their fans. Despite playing fantastic seasons with his club, when he has played with the national team, his physical shape and performance haven’t been the best.

  • In Brazil 2014 he spent most of the tournament injured (scoring only once against Nigeria). He played the final game at a very low level (came in for Ezequiel Lavezzi during half time)
  • In Chile during the 2015 South American Football Championship, Gerardo “Tata” Martino trusted him as the starting forward. This didn’t work either: 3 goals in 5 games, neither in decisive games. He ended up losing the spot to Higuain.
  • In the Centennial Cup Americas in 2016 held in the United States, Argentina ended in 2nd place. Agüero barely scored once.

There’s a strong difference with the two juvenile titles, both won with the Argentine National Team. These were in 2005 and 2007, with Messi and the Gold Medal that he won at the 2008 Olympics. They say football always gives you a second chance! Let’s hope so, as this would be the cherry on the cake of an illustrious career.

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