The Best Contact Sports

Contact sports cover a wide range of disciplines such as kickboxing, karate, judo, and taekwondo. In this article, we'll explain which are the best ones and the benefits they provide.
The Best Contact Sports

Last update: 08 July, 2019

Contact sports make an excellent alternative to get fit and lose weight. However, it’s not always easy to know which is the most effective for you. In this article, we’re going to explain which contact sports are the best to practice and what makes them so popular. Take note and choose your favorite!

When we talk about contact sports, we refer to those sports which entail a physical confrontation between practitioners. However, this shouldn’t mean these are violent sports.

In fact, in most contact sports, violence is discouraged. Plus, many athletes claim these sports are about self-control and self-defense, more than hurting your opponent.

Of course, we always recommend that you choose clubs or gyms that have a good atmosphere. Good vibes from your surroundings will ensure you develop a good technique. Besides, it’ll make it easier for you to want to keep practicing since you’ll feel relaxed and at ease.

Beyond the chosen discipline, the attitude of the instructor and the dynamics among the athletes play a decisive role in the learning process. Motivation is the key to self-discipline.

It’s true that some athletes make incredible progress in a very short amount of time, while others do it more slowly. However, the most important thing when practicing a sport is to be consistent in your training and, above all, patient. Remember, you should never measure your progress or level by comparing yourself with others.

What are the best contact sports?

1. Judo

As you might have heard before, judo is a martial art of Japanese origin. This sport is a great way to keep the body in good physical condition, as it requires you to use your whole body.

Still, you must take into account that while practicing judo, your arms will take most of the strain. Because of this, if you have a shoulder injury, perhaps judo isn’t the best choice for you.

Judo can also be of great help to develop values ​​such as respect, discipline, and perseverance. To improve your judo skills, you have to be ready to practice every day, even for a few minutes. Another advantage is that judo can help you to stay mentally and physically focused, an ability you can use in order to achieve success in many areas of your life.


2. Taekwondo: one of the best contact sports

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that combines fighting techniques and personal defense. This Asian fighting style is based mainly on hitting with the legs instead of the hands. For many, this quality makes Taekwondo one of the best contact sports.

As you know, taekwondo is a sport that encourages athletes to focus on self-defense, discipline, and control over your own body and mind. This is why many people consider taekwondo beneficial for the mind and the body in equal measure.

However, you must also know that it isn’t easy to learn. Mastering each set of movements, each stroke, and each posture requires a lot of discipline.

3. Boxing

Boxing is, without doubt, the most elegant of combat sports. Plus, it’s also a great way to pump your cardiovascular system.

You see, boxing is much more than just punching with your fists. When you practice boxing, you understand that even when you can only touch your opponent with your fists, you are using your whole body to move and punch. Both the upper and lower body are involved.

When boxing, athletes must always wear gloves designed specifically for this discipline. As with many other contact sports, boxing requires great concentration and moderation in attacks. First, you must think about controlling your energy, avoiding blows and finding the right moment to hit.

Contact sports

4. Karate

Resistance and coordination are two of the main physical qualities that karate seeks to develop. On a spiritual level, this combat sport also teaches how to channel your energy better. Karate is not only a combat sport but also a practice that follows a strict moral code.

Karate greatly improves cardiovascular health, relieves heart stress and makes you stronger. In addition, practicing karate helps you gain muscle mass and sharpens your reflexes and mood.

Contact sports karate

5. Kickboxing: another of the best contact sports

Kickboxing is considered a martial art derived from karate. When practicing kickboxing, both hands and knees touch your opponent. Because of this, it’s a sport that engages the whole body, allowing you to burn many calories while having fun.

If you see two people practicing kickboxing, you’ll notice immediately how this sport involves a lot of fast movements. This means it can easily increase your heart rate at a similar rate than running. Just as karate, kickboxing improves your cardiovascular health and makes you stronger.


Kickboxing engages the upper body to hit and kick, using the strength of your back, chest, and abdomen. Plus, your legs will be in constant movement.

Now you know some of the best contact sports out there, and its benefits for your health. We strongly recommend you give one of these a try, as they’re a great way to lose weight and have lots of fun at the same time.

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