How to Keep your Fitness Goals During the Holidays

Keeping your fitness goals for eleven and a half months of the year, and then throwing it all away in fifteen days or so, is not the best idea. But, on the other hand, worrying in excess about keeping your fitness during the holidays doesn’t sound too good either. Don’t worry, keep reading to find out about the happy medium.
How to Keep your Fitness Goals During the Holidays

Last update: 15 November, 2019

Holidays are a time to relax and rest. You say goodbye to your daily routine and now your days are full of fun activities, rest and a lot of food! Exercise and a fitness lifestyle don’t seem to have a place under those circumstances, but you shouldn’t neglect your health either. You can still keep your fitness goals during the holidays!

It’s possible to have fun, while maintaining your fitness goals during the holidays, in order to avoid ruining your previous hard work. Next, we’re sharing some ideas for you to enjoy your holidays without abandoning your workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Change your routine to maintain your fitness goals during the holidays

While on vacation it’s important to change your routine to maintain your fitness goals during the holidays. Traveling to another city or the beach and finding a gym to enroll in and do the same workout you usually do back at home, is probably not the best idea.

Holidays are meant to be relaxing and for enjoying new and fun experiences with your partner, family or friends. But, it’s not impossible to maintain a healthy routine.

You can do many fun activities that will allow you to keep your fitness goals, such as cycling, hiking, dancing, kayaking or snorkeling to name a few.

keeping your fitness goals during the holidays

You can also swim in the pool or the ocean or you can even make up new games with your kids in the pool. The secret is to do something you like and enjoy every day, keeping yourself active, but with no obligations.

Running on the beach to keep your fitness goals during the holidays

One of the most pleasurable things to do on a beach trip is walking or running along the seashore. For those who are used to running every day, walking or running on the beach will present an additional effort. This happens because you must adapt your muscles and joints to the challenging surface of the sand.

Exercising while enjoying a nice breeze and the ocean sounds is an extraordinary experience. To avoid the heat and the damaging effects of the sun, you must run early in the day or during the last hour of the afternoon. You can run with shoes if the beach rules allow you, or you can simply run barefoot. Feeling the sand under your feet is very pleasant.

Team sports and activities

On the beach, there are many sports and activities you can do in a group. Playing football or volleyball is a fun way of staying in shape and burning calories. Also, these activities involve the whole family and favor a social life. They’re a great opportunity to make new friends and strengthen ties.

Hiking and trekking

If you choose to visit the mountain instead of the beach, you can practice hiking or trekking. It’s an excellent way of discovering new landscapes and wonderful places while also keeping your fitness goals.

hiking and trekking on holidays

Hiking can be done by people of any age and it’s an ideal way of spending time as a family. All you need to do is choose the trail that adapts well to the physical condition of the group.

For the most adventurous, there’s trekking. The main difference is that in trekking there isn’t any man-made trail to follow. With these activities, you’ll burn calories, tone your muscles and reduce stress and anxiety while enjoying the outdoors.

Eat healthily without obsessing

To maintain your fitness goals during the holidays, it’s also important to keep a balanced diet, but without obsessing too much about it. Trying new dishes and new recipes is an essential experience to have while on vacation. It’s a huge pleasure that you shouldn’t deny yourself.

keeping your fitness goals during the holidays

The key is to always eat controlled portions and avoid excess. Of course, you can have a couple of cheat meals that you don’t regularly eat. But it’s important that you maintain the rhythm of your meals and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to add a nutritional balance.

Breakfasts are fundamental and it’s necessary to make them healthy and nutritious, even during holidays. If during the day you eat something out of the ordinary, enjoy it without guilt! You’re on vacation!

After a day of cheat meals and eating all the foods you like, the next day or at dinner it’s important to try and compensate for it, to keep a balanced diet.


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