Scared of Starting CrossFit? Here's the Key to Begin

Starting CrossFit needn't be daunting. By meeting the physical requirements and doing as your trainer recommends, you can only benefit from this high-intensity physical training.
Scared of Starting CrossFit? Here's the Key to Begin

Last update: 24 February, 2021

CrossFit is a sport that’s based on creating a routine out of correct training techniques, basic movements, and intense exercises. You can practice it individually or in a group. But if you’re scared of starting CrossFit, don’t worry – in this article, you’ll see the best way to begin and be successful at it.

Unfounded fears about starting CrossFit

Generally, people believe that it’s almost impossible to do CrossFit or that it’s just for professional athletes or sporting stars. However, you shouldn’t be scared to get involved, because your physical form will definitely develop with this training. Common fears include:

  • Exaggerated muscular development – this is false. Each person will develop muscles in line with their physical capacity.
  • It’s not for people that don’t do sport – if you’re physically healthy, you can train with dedication and effort, and with a coach or trainer to help you!
  • It’s not for everyone – it’s for people who want to get their bodies into better shape, who enjoy challenges, and want to have fun.

Starting CrossFit: the key isn’t to be scared

Being scared of the unknown is normal, and getting started with CrossFit is no exception. However, it’s always best to confront your fears, know why you’re scared and what it is you’re actually scared of. Answering these questions will help you to overcome these fears.

Overall, it’s you who has to be in control of confronting your fears. Alternatively, when becoming familiar with CrossFit, you’ll gain confidence and the belief that you really can reach your goals! Thinking about the times you’ve already overcome fear will give you the courage to face new scary situations as and when they arise.

The competition is between you and yourself

You should focus on beating your personal best. The most important thing here is that your training advances. By doing the movements correctly and rigorously following your coach’s instructions, you’ll be able to progress, step-by-step.

Don’t try to be the hero

You can’t learn overnight. The objective of CrossFit is to try to get better in each class in order to improve physically.

scared of starting crossfit? woman starting crossfit

Starting CrossFit: enjoy a good diet

For this kind of activity – one that requires a lot of physical effort – it’s essential to have a good diet in order to have a healthy body and good nutrition.

Don’t be scared of asking questions 

If you’re not sure how to do an exercise, it’s best to ask your coach. This way you’ll avoid hurting yourself by doing an exercise incorrectly.

Recommendations for doing CrossFit

Just with any sport, in order to do this activity well, you’ll need to develop and improve your physical capacity. You can do this through strength training, conditioning, and high-intensity exercises.

Starting CrossFit in an excellent physical condition

A key pre-requisite for beginning this kind of training is consulting a medical health professional. They’ll be able to tell you whether you’re in a suitable condition to train.

Appropriate box

There are special spaces – boxes – for CrossFit that have been designed for this training. Choose the one that suits you best.

The importance of a good coach

Seeking advice is key to not feeling lost when starting out.

The coaches are the trainers in the box. Your coach should be someone who’s concerned about your wellbeing and performance when training. If they aren’t, you should find someone new.


A good warm-up is vital, as it improves your performance and avoids injuries. It also helps you to mentally prepare to do the exercise.

Starting CrossFit with varied training

The key part of this training is the wide variety of exercises and movements you can do. Do all that you can when training, but don’t overdo it; you don’t want to experience intense exhaustion or any serious injuries.

Rest and recuperation 

Respect your rest and recuperation times. Take all the time you need to replenish.

Enjoy CrossFit

Integrate yourself with the others in your box – they’ll have the same goal and be able to support you. This will encourage you on days you’re not feeling it. Enjoy your training and try to have fun – remembering the reason why you’re doing it!

Advantages of CrossFit

scared of crossfit? woman getting started in the gym

Focusing on the positive aspects may encourage you to start CrossFit:

  • Improve your health
  • Achieve better resistance
  • Your motivation will help your personal growth
  • Maintain cardiovascular and respiratory system health

Some advice to keep in mind

Certain exercises can cause injuries in the joints, tendons, and muscles if you don’t practice them properly. You should take care not to exceed the limits of your body. Following this advice will help you conquer your fear of starting CrossFit.

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