#yomemuevoencasa: What is this Trend About?

Many people believe that it's hard to work out without leaving the house. However, the #yomemuevoencasa initiative brings together trainers who offer free online classes for everyone.
#yomemuevoencasa: What is this Trend About?

Last update: 27 May, 2020

The possibility of going to the gym isn’t available in places that are under quarantine due to the coronavirus. But don’t let this stop you from working out! You can continue training indoors and take advantage of the #yomemuevoencasa trend that several fitness representatives have launched.

What is #yomemuevoencasa?

It’s an initiative from a group of fitness influencers who help people to work out at home. They organize daily online sessions of different disciplines. This idea came from several renowned coaches in Spain. Alex Lamata, Paula Butragueño, Iñaki García, Martín Giacchetta, and the Pin twins are some examples.

Each of them uses live broadcasts on Instagram to impart classes that their followers can use to exercise at home. The idea came about because the coronavirus quarantine has left an exercise-loving audience without their usual routines, primarily those attending a gym or group class.

However, we must bear in mind that a sedentary lifestyle is also bad for our health during these types of situations. As coach Martín Giacchetta indicates: “COVID-19 is a serious threat to our health, but not exercising is also a threat. If you want to watch a series or a movie, don’t lie on the couch, keep your body active”.

It doesn’t matter if you have little space at home; the trainers will give out routines that you can adapt to your current situation. If you have to move a table or the couch, it’ll only be for a few minutes.

#yomemuevoencasa launched on Instagram this week. In less than a day, it exceeded 15,000 followers. As Paula Butrageño -from Paula Inspirafit– stated, on an individual level, there are many ideas to work out at home and online. However, people are confused, and they don’t know if certain exercises are suitable for them or how to adapt the routines to this current coronavirus situation.

A woman followign one of the #yomemuevoencasa yoga routines from her computer

Free exercises for everyone

Something very important to keep in mind about this initiative, and the main reason why we want to applaud it, is that it’s a free service. This means that you can join the trainers’ live streams without having to pay for anything.

The best part is that #yomemuevoencasa brings together the best personal trainers in Spain; there are many different routines and exercises to choose from. In addition to the trainers that we already mentioned, Isabel del Barrio, Cesc Escolá and Almudena Yogalife have also joined. The idea is for more and more professionals to join in and to include yoga and meditation exercises besides regular fitness routines.

The first day of #yomemuevoencasa had three sessions. The first one was at noon (always Spanish time) with a Pilates class by Pau_Inspirafit; then martin.giacchetta offered a family workout session at 5 p.m. One hour later, gemelas_pin held a 60-minute functional training class.

On Tuesday, there were even more options to choose from. Starting at 9 a.m. with Mindful Yoga by Pau_inspirafit, functional training at 11 a.m. with onmytrainingshoes and three other sessions in the afternoon; functional training with alexlamata (6 p.m.), yoga with almudena_yogalife (7 p.m.) and functional training with diegocalvoofficial (8 p.m.).

A man working out at home with one of the #yomemuevoencasa routines

Choose your favorite #yomemuevoencasa class!

The trainers will update the sheet of scheduled activities every day, the only thing you have to do is join the live stream at the time of the class you’ll enjoy the most in the account of the corresponding coach. Follow these fitness experts on your smartphone to work out at home using the space in your living room or bedroom.

The world is full of bad news related to the coronavirus, that’s why we believe that joining the #yomemuevoencasa trend allows us to have hope and feel better every day. Even if you’re not about exercising, you can sign up for yoga classes or even have fun with your children in family sessions. Get off the couch and start moving!

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