How to Prevent Injuries When Playing Padel Tennis

Don't let injuries stop you from enjoying this great sport. Read on to find out which steps to take to avoid injuring yourself.
How to Prevent Injuries When Playing Padel Tennis

Last update: 27 October, 2020

Before taking up any sport, it’s always a good idea to read up on considerations to prevent any injuries, and playing padel is no exception. There are some aspects you should probably know before you start playing this fun and exciting sport.

Most of the things to watch out for in padel relate to the muscles. However, your joints, bones, and tendons can all suffer in some way if you’re not careful. If you’re one of those athletes who take all the precautions they can, then read on to find out what you can do to avoid injury.

Key tips to prevent injuries when playing padel

Padel is similar to tennis but easier to learn and less expensive to become involved with. It’s played on a court with walls, similar to squash, and you need a minimum of four people to play.

Even people who are more sedentary can play padel for fun without it being too physically demanding because it’s so easy to learn and play.

All that being said, it’s still a form of physical exercise, and it’s possible to injure yourself playing padel. Below are a few tips to stop this from happening.

Warm-up first: prevent injuries when playing padel

The first step to take comes before you even step onto the court. If you’re a beginner, try not to make the same mistake as many others and don’t start playing without warming up first.

A man stretching before playing sport.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that warming up isn’t important, and this attitude only increases the risk of suffering an injury.

With a sport such as padel, it’s a good idea to focus on warming up the legs and arms, as they’ll be in constant use throughout the game.

Wear appropriate clothing

Wearing appropriate clothes isn’t just more comfortable, it’ll also help prevent injuries. Firstly, wear clothes that are soft and flexible to help you move much more freely.

Secondly, the right shoes are very important because the constant friction with the floor can lead to blisters. Your trainers should have good support too to help avoid sprains. If you’re quite prone to this sort of injury, speak with your physio first before playing.

Don’t overlook technique: prevent injuries when playing padel

Playing padel isn’t just about hitting a ball with a padel. You also need to consider your body position before, during, and after your strokes.

Paying attention to your back and legs will help prevent injuries in these parts of the body. Furthermore, support your body on the balls of your feet – your Achilles will thank you for it.

Keep hydrated

Just like warming up first, staying hydrated is a fundamental part of playing any sport. In fact, some may even see it as the number one way to avoid injuries.

We recommend that you drink before, during, and after any sport, and that includes padel. That’ll help you to avoid involuntary muscle spasms or dizziness.

A man standing on a padel tennis court.

Visit your doctor

As well as all the above tips, a visit to your doctor isn’t a bad idea. It might not be a very common recommendation, but you can never be too careful.

Medical checks should be done regularly, and if you’re about to start a new sport, it couldn’t hurt to make sure that everything is in order. This way, you’ll avoid an unpleasant surprise after stepping onto the padel court.

Don’t be careless

Practicing a sport is great for your health, but healthy habits are meaningless if you ruin them by being careless and become injured playing padel. Remember, no one is immune from injury and you can never be too careful.

Practicing a sport is only good for you if you take care of your body in general, and this means making sure it’s in good condition. So, having read all of the above, get out there and enjoy playing padel!

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