4 Spots to Play Sports in Toulouse

Playing sports in Toulouse is much easier than you might think. After all, it's a city that lives and breathes sports in every corner.
4 Spots to Play Sports in Toulouse

Last update: 30 December, 2020

Did you know that this city in the south of France is the most sports-oriented in the whole country? It has almost 350 sports centers, and each year more than three million people play sports there. In case you’re thinking about taking your next vacation there, we wanted to show you some of the best spots to play sports in Toulouse, the headquarters of many sporting events.

Toulouse is a city of great importance in the sporting world. Some instances of sports held there are the Tour de France, as well as different world championships for rugby, handball, and soccer. We invite you to learn more below.

Some famous sports teams from Toulouse

While of course there’s a long history of soccer in this French city, the sport of choice in Toulouse is rugby. In 1907, the Stade Toulousain was created, which is the most important rugby team in the country, and the one that’s contributed the most players to the national team. The Stade Tolousain has won four Champions Cups and 20 French Championship titles.

If you’re not a huge rugby fan, you can enjoy other sports in the city, such as golf, canoeing, climbing, or even paragliding.

Speaking of team sports, you might like to know that the Toulouse Football Club, founded in 1970 and currently playing in Ligue 2, is in the second soccer division of the country. With their purple team shirts, they’re known as The Violets and have the Toulouse Stadium as their home base.

And of course, the city’s handball team is the Fenix, which plays in the first division of the French league and was founded in 1964. They were champions of the French Cup in 1998.

The local climate and different activities to do in Toulouse

If you like hiking, Toulouse is the ideal place for you. It has hiking routes with different distances and difficulty levels, to enjoy both in the warmer months and throughout the cooler seasons of spring and fall.

While we’re on the topic of local activities, Toulouse is the perfect city to get around on a bicycle. It even has a city-wide system to rent bicycles and travel on specially marked bicycle paths. It’s not for nothing that it’s one of the chosen locations for a section of the Tour de France.

During the summertime, the temperature can be high, up to 110°F. When it’s hot, there’s nothing better than taking a dip or enjoying some water sports to cool off. For instance, kayaking through the rivers in the French Pyrenees might interest you. Others opt for white water rafting in the choppier sections.

The best spots in Toulouse to play sports

You can participate in sports such as cycling and hiking by the Ariege river in Toulouse.

Whether you want to take your vacations in Toulouse or stay for a bit longer, remember that Toulouse is the destination that has it all when it comes to sports and exercise. Some of the spots where you can find and enjoy some great activities are the following:

1. Hiking trail circuit between the Ariege river and the mountains

It’s a hiking trail that starts in the picturesque village Clermont-le-Fort, and goes past the beautiful shores of the Ariege river (see picture above). It’s about seven miles long and has yellow markers all along the path so you can’t get lost.

2. Bicycle trail along the Canal du Midi

If you’re vacationing in Toulouse, one great idea is to rent a bicycle from the VeloToulouse system. With your bike, choose the scenic path along the Canal du Midi, which is a UNESCO protected world heritage site.

Another excellent option is to cycle south of the city, about 30 miles until you get to the Seuil de Naurousze. This track is for cyclists who have some experience. Lastly, as a third option, you can cycle along the Canal du Garonne, to the north towards Moissac. This trail has well-marked paths.

Cycling along the Canal du Midi.

3. Kayaking from the Foix Club

Would you like to go kayaking or white water rafting in the Midi-Pyrenees? Well, this club is a spot you can’t miss. The Foix Canoe Kayak Eau Vive Club is the epicenter for lovers of all water sports activities. Here, you can find kayaking routes through rivers with different difficulty levels and lengths.

4. All sports in the Toulouse City Stades complexes

You can find the City Stades sports centers throughout the city. They’re open to all. You can play various sports at these centers, such as tennis, soccer, skateboarding, basketball, hockey, and athletics, among others.

Finally, if you’d prefer not to play sports in Toulouse but would like to experience it, we recommend you attend a rugby match at the Ernest-Wallon Stadium. This historic arena was built in 1907. Each time that the Stade Toulousain team plays, the venue becomes the home of the biggest party around. You’ll have an unforgettable experience!

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