How Can You Exercise While You're Traveling?

Exercising while you're traveling is easier than you might think. It's just a matter of getting yourself organized, looking for different options and taking advantage of what you have at your disposal.
How Can You Exercise While You're Traveling?

Last update: 15 October, 2020

Going on vacation or traveling for business shouldn’t be an excuse for forgetting about physical exercise. There are many different ways that you can exercise while you’re traveling. In this article, we’ll show you some suggestions on how to keep physically active while you’re far from home.

Doing exercise while traveling: is it possible?

Living a traveler’s lifestyle is more common than you might think. And although it might seem that traveling is incompatible with staying physically active, this just isn’t true. There are many ways that you can do exercise while you’re traveling. You just have to organize your day and take advantage of each moment. Here are some handy suggestions:

1. Use the hotel gym

These days, the majority of large hotels have a gym, even though it might be quite basic. It might be the least used resource of the building…but it’s included in your bill, so make the most of it. Usually, these gyms are open all day and you can enter using your room keycard.

Try taking advantage of time before breakfast or the late afternoon to use the exercise bike, treadmill or to lift a few weights.

2. Going for a walk, another way to exercise while you’re traveling

If you’re on vacation and you love getting to know new spots, you can take advantage and get exercising. Of course, instead of getting on a tourist bus, or using the subway, you can get a feel for the local flavor on foot.

Apart from being the best way of really getting to know the local scene, you’ll be physically active and you’ll even save ticket fares. Don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and take a bottle of water with you.

A walk along the beach is great exercise

3. Enjoy activities in the open air

The best vacations are on the beach. However, instead of just flaking out on a towel under the sun, why not go for a walk along the shore? You can get your feet wet, breathe the sea air, and even get a nice tan. Take along a hat and some sunglasses.

If you decide to take your vacations in the mountains, you could go for morning walks to enjoy the views. One good idea is going to visit a national park and walking around the scenic paths. It’ll be a gorgeous experience!

4. See the scenes from a bike

Here’s another way to get some exercise while you’re on the move. Cycling also allows you to get to know a wider area of the city or destination you’ve chosen. There are many tourism businesses that rent bicycles out for the day. You could even take a guided tour on a bike.

5. Take advantage of the hotel activities to exercise while you’re traveling

Have you reserved an all-inclusive vacation, or are you going on a cruise? That’s perfect! Because you can do exercise there too. For instance, you could take some Zumba classes, or learn how to step, how to salsa, participate in spinning, recreational boxing, or go for a guided tour on foot.

Of course, on these kinds of vacations, there will undoubtedly be a pool available somewhere. So jump in and go for a swim, take a gym class in the water, or do some other activity in the pool.

6. Get moving on the plane

Long hours on a plane can be boring, tiring, and monotonous. But it can also be the perfect spot for a bit of exercise. Try thinking of some stretches you can do from your seat, or go for a walk down the aisles.

If you’re traveling by train this will be even easier, because you can walk between the carriages. Don’t forget that to maintain your figure, you shouldn’t be stopping at the restaurant or bar!

7. Start the day with exercise

Another way of doing exercise while you’re traveling is by setting your alarm a little earlier, and doing something physically active; even if it’s just some fast walking around your room or the corridor outside.

A couple doing sit ups

You might consider doing some sit-ups, arm flexes, a short plank, or some burpees. The idea is that you get moving before you start your day…that way you’ll have more energy for the rest of your daily activities!

Lastly, it’s very important that you look after your diet when you’re far from home or on ‘vacation mode’. Although it might seem a little complicated to watch what you eat, at least try not to overeat. Avoiding all-you-can-eat buffets or the excessive consumption of alcohol is a good start.

You can enjoy a good American or continental breakfast with all the extras, but remember that there are also fruit baskets and yogurt available for the most important meal of the day. Also, during your walks around the city or field trips, you can take energy bars, fruit, or other healthy snacks with you.

Finally (and obviously), don’t forget your best ally: water. Keep yourself well hydrated. With these suggestions, you won’t just be doing exercise while you’re traveling, but you’ll also be looking after your health.

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