Pregnant Women and Sports: 4 Great Training Choices

Sports and pregnancy are a perfect combination. Still, not all sports are recommended for these special months in a woman's life. Do you know which sports are best for pregnant women? Find out and give them a try!
Pregnant Women and Sports: 4 Great Training Choices

Last update: 12 July, 2019

Can pregnant women exercise? Many women believe that during pregnancy they should be as calm and still as possible. That’s why they avoid making sudden movements and tend to be less active than before. However, there’s no real reason why a pregnant woman shouldn’t exercise. To clear any doubts you might have, in this article, we’ll explain what the best sports to practice are if you’re pregnant.

If the pregnancy is developing in a normal way, stopping physical activity is a big mistake, as doing so will cause a considerable weight gain. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a pregnant woman can practice any type of sport since some could be really dangerous.

If you’re pregnant, ask your doctor if you can start exercising. Then you only have to choose the sport you like the best to start working out.

Remember, exercising is the best way to maintain your weight and keep up your energy levels. Being pregnant shouldn’t mean that you have to remain bedridden for nine months. Get ready to get fit with these sports!

Pregnant women should follow medical advice

We cannot stress this enough: if you’re pregnant, always ask your doctor before practicing any kind of sport. Some women suffer from health problems that could be dangerous if they decide to do certain types of training.

In this article, we’ll talk about sports that can be safely practiced by pregnant women who don’t suffer from other medical conditions. For these women, working out can be highly beneficial.

If you think you suffer from heart conditions or another kind of medical condition, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor. They’ll know what’s best for you. Remember, your baby’s health depends on you.

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Four alternative sports compatible with pregnant women

1. Hiking

Of all the sports beneficial for pregnant women, hiking is definitely high on the list. Hiking is ideal since it allows you to work out at your own pace while you enjoy the outdoor scenery. However, it’s very important to keep in mind that the routes you choose must have a medium or short distance.

In addition, you must make sure your route avoids all types of dangers that could cause falls or slips. To do this, look for routes that run along paths or safe roads.

After hiking, you’ll notice how you feel much better. Your knees and hips will feel free, and you’ll feel much more relaxed.

2. Swimming for pregnant women

If you regularly go to the pool, it’s likely you’ve encountered pregnant women there more than once. That’s not surprising, considering swimming is a great sport to practice if you’re pregnant.

Although swimming is great for everyone and can be practiced by almost every person, it’s especially advisable for pregnant women during the second half of pregnancy. Doctors recommend it because it’s during this phase when women feel heavier. In the water, we feel lighter, and pregnant women find it easier to move and exercise.

pregnant women sport

When you’re swimming, your legs and ankles can rest, much needed as your baby starts gaining weight. After your workout, you’ll feel very relaxed and light, which pregnant women desperately want.

3. Yoga, a great choice for pregnant women

Prenatal yoga is a variant of conventional yoga specifically designed for pregnant women. It consists of different routines that avoid the movements that could be dangerous for you while enhancing those that benefit health. Many women claim that practicing prenatal yoga improves their flexibility, decreases back pain and nausea.

In addition, practicing a prenatal yoga means you’ll surround yourself with a group of people and you’ll be able to interact with other pregnant women. It’s a good opportunity to make new friendships with people who definitely understand what you’re going through.

The truth is that prenatal yoga is the perfect mix of good company and has benefits for the baby and the mother. It’s likely there’s a gym near your home that offers yoga. Try it out!

4. Static bicycle

As a general rule, the only sports that must be avoided during pregnancy are those that force the pelvic area. Going for a run or jumping are two examples of workouts that you may need to avoid. Instead, the static bicycle allows you to exercise your legs while keeping your pelvic area still.

Static bikes are a much safer option than traditional bicycles for pregnant women. The main advantage of the static bike is that it eliminates the risk of falls while doing the same amount of exercise. Unfortunately, this also means you cannot bike outdoors. But that’s alright; you can always go for a walk later on.

In short, these are four great alternatives that can be safely practiced by pregnant women. Keep in mind that you should ask your doctor before engaging in any kind of taxing training. Remember, your baby’s health depends on you.

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